When moving from one place to another the first thing you look for is a perfect house. You may feel lucky if you own a house in the place you are moving to. What can be more exciting than moving to your home town? However, if you haven’t used the property for some time or if you had rented it out, there are high chances you will need to apply a fresh coat of paint to it. Moving process is already a lot depressing and tedious and you certainly don’t want to make it more troublesome by moving to a house that looks shabby and inappropriate to your living standards. While the best cross country movers of a reputed moving company take care of your moving process, it is important that you look forward to painting the house to give it a new look and feel. In this post, we have compiled a house painting guide for you to help you paint your house in a way that it welcomes you back home:

Know your painting options:

The first and foremost step of preparing for

A house painting project knows the options you have. The two common choices you have is hiring a professional painting company or doing it yourself. While it is always better to leave the complicated task to the professionals, you might like to do it if you want to save some money or just enjoy painting your old property. In any case, you must analyses how you want to proceed and there are a number of factors that affect your decision. Some important factors that you need to consider include:

  • Extent:

You need to evaluate the extent that your property needs a fresh coat. Some properties are too big for a novice to handle while others have complicated areas and surface that are far beyond the reach of an unprofessional painter. You must also consider the area you would like to paint. Is it the kitchen only that demands the painting or does the whole house needs to be repainted? Will it be find if you paint the exterior or does the property has gotten stale inside and out? Once you know the extent and it looks pretty hectic, better leave it to the professionals.

  • Condition:

The condition of the house will also give you a better idea. If the house has gone pretty bad in shape, you will need professional help. The professionals will scrub the surfaces, peel off the old and dying paint and apply the primer to make it even before applying the final coat of paint. At times the property needs more than one coat of paints and being new to the job, you may not be able to identify the exact requirement.

Choose the right paint:

Because you will move into your house immediately after moving to the new city, you must make sure that you get a paint that is quick drying in nature. The earlier you get the paint dried up, the quick you can move to the house and make it your home.

Find the best company:

It is always the best to find a reliable company that offers you cheap and reliable services. You must already be spending a lot of money in the moving process. Better ensure that you save money in hiring a painting company to keep your budget set. There are a lot of things that will demand you to put money in them including schools and doctors, as you move into the new city.

Make sure they clean:

The most professional painting companies will definitely clean after they are done with the painting of your house. However, if they don’t, make sure you ask them to do so. They might ask you for some extra payment if the job is not listed in the estimate. This is important as you will get your house ready to move, once it is cleaned by the professionals.

What to do while the house is being painted?

If you house is being painted and you have already moved to the city, here are a few things you must do:

Find an alternate accommodation:

It is recommended that you start your painting project well in advance. However, if you do not get enough time to get the painting started well in advance than your moving date, better start finding an alternate option. If you are finding an accommodation for your temporary stay, you must ensure that it is close to your property. This will allow you enough time and convenience to supervise your painting project and ensure that you get the finest results from your investment in painting project.

Storage unit:

If you know that you would need to stay in an alternate accommodation for some time, it is better to hire a storage unit. When you stay in a temporary accommodation, you neither have enough time nor space to set up all your items. To make it easy and hassle free, you must hire a storage unit and put all your extra stuff in there. There are all kinds of storage units’ options available but climate controlled storage units are the best.

Explore the city while you house is being painted:

You don’t have the house ready, your stuff is in the storage and your temporary accommodation is pretty set, how are you going to utilize your free time? Well, why don’t you take out time to explore the surroundings of the new city? Even if it is your home town and you have seen most of it, we are sure there will be a lot of updates and changes that demand your attention. By knowing the city better you will be able to adjust fast and make it your home with all your hearts.

So, now that you know how to proceed with your painting project, you must start finding the best painting company or getting the supplies to do it yourself. If you want to arrange a temp home, now is the time!


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