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JD.Com Has Made a Smart Lifestyle Available For The Residents Of China

Smart living is about your home being cooled automatically by your air conditioning before you arrive home, monitoring your security system from work and entering the lobby to find an elevator waiting. The benefits of a smart home are being enjoyed by more families throughout China due to the (IoT) Internet of Things platform supplied by JD.com.

Consumers are consistently demanding more security and convenience. The smart home market in China is growing quickly. The value in 2018 was $7 billion United States dollars. By 2025, the expectations are this figure will increase five times. The current market in China for smart home appliances is also increasing. The expectations are it will rise from the current 4.6 percent to 13.7 percent by 2023.

The sales for smart curtains and smart locks in 2019 on JD.com showed an increase of 22 times and 62 times. This is an excellent example of the increased demand. The real estate market in China is finally starting to calm down. Real estate companies have turned to the smart home community to increase the value of their properties. The smart home initiative for JD is unique because the focus is on both the residential compound and individual house levels.

A centralized system for visual operations enables a broken street lamp to be identified by the property managers. This enables them to make the repair immediately. Partnerships have been signed by JD IoT by over twenty leaders in the sector of real estate in more than thirty Chinese cities. JD IoT is providing solutions for smart property and smart home management.

The available features include building access using facial recognition, smart parking payments, visitor access through temporary QR code and using apps for management. One of these partnerships is with Tianrun Real Estate. Solutions for JD smart homes have been installed recently in Beijing in the Tianrun Avenue Foch community. The families living in this community can enjoy the features of smart living.

This includes airconditioning automatically turning on prior to the family arriving home, lights and elevators activating upon arrival and humidifying and air purifying systems adjusting throughout the day to climate conditions. The same is happening in Changsha at the Caifu building. Jingdong has provided integrated hardware and software system platforms. This includes a system for property management.

The smart services include smart elevators, smart parking, smart access and smart management and payment apps for the use of the owners. The biggest smart home ecosystem in China is JD IoT. According to the President of JD IoT, John Zhou, the company currently serves in excess of 25 million homes. As the number of property developers and individual customers increases their transformation to smart homes, JD is their partner of choice.

JD IoT is providing a comprehensive IoT ecosystem. This enables the deployment of IoT technology for properties to provide residents with an advanced, convenient and secure living experience. The deployment of the IoT platform from JD enables residents to participate in a lifestyle they never even dreamed was possible.

The entrepreneur responsible for the JD.com e-commerce powerhouse is Richard Liu. His empire began with humble beginnings. Richard Liu believed in the potential of e-commerce well before the major retailers ever became a part of online sales. His business prowess and motivation were what enabled him to succeed.

Richard Liu was born to coal shipping parents in the Suyu District in China. His excellence was apparent during his schooling. He attended The People’s University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. During his pursuit of an undergraduate degree, he became interested in coding and computer programming. He taught himself the skills that led to the building of his online empire.


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