The world is full of disasters waiting to happen. That might not be a comfortable thing to think about, but with earthquakes, tornados, snowstorms, floors, and of course worldwide pandemics seemingly around every corner, it makes sense to not only think about these things but prepare your home for them too.

If you can make yourself, your family, and your belongings safe when these disasters hit, you can come out on the other side and pick up the pieces. Being prepared and not needing to use the equipment and measures you’ve put in place is a much better position to be in than needing to use these measures and not having them at all. Read on to discover some useful tips when it comes to preparing your home for an emergency.

Sign Up for Emergency Alerts

Before you can do anything else, you’re going to need to sign up for emergency alerts. These are alerts that come through to your smartphone and tell you when there is a problem in your area, or the wider area (depending on how you set it up). Knowing that something bad is heading your way means you can put your emergency plan into action, whatever that plan happens to be.

Remember, to make the most of these alerts you are going to need to have a phone with a good signal – some are better than others, and since communication is key in an emergency (before, during, and after) you must make sure you have the kind of phone that is going to allow you to get help and find out what is happening. This might mean upgrading your current handset, which can be expensive, but a loan from Cash Lady means you can do it sooner rather than later, and this is crucial.

Prep Your Home

Depending on the emergency situation that is unfolding around you, you may also need to prep your home so that, whether you stay or have to leave, it is safe for you to return afterwards.

If you have the time to do it, make sure you unplug your appliances – if the electricity goes out and then surges when it comes back on, doing this will protect your appliances. If you are going to run out of water, immediately fill your tub before this happens. At least you’ll have water for a few days if you need it.

 Pack A Go Bag

Of course, you’ll hope never to use it, but having a ‘go bag’ kept in a safe place that is easy to access is an essential part of preparing for a home emergency. If you need to leave your home in a hurry, you can grab this bag on your way out, knowing you’ve got everything you might need in it. These items could include:

  • Food and drink (at least three days’ worth for each family member)
  • Flashlight (and batteries)
  • First aid kit containing essentials as suggested by Doomsday Moose
  • Maps
  • Device chargers
  • Cash

There are many other items you might think are necessary, and these will depend on your personal needs and situation. The point is this bag is an essential step in not only helping you to overcome an emergency but keeping everyone calm throughout.


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