Everyone wants to beat the heat in the summer — who would ever prefer the scorching weather? This is the main reason, there are a number of techniques people follow to stay cool in the summers. And here we have a few that can help if you don’t have a cooling device at home.

If you’re interested in how to stay cool at night and during the hot summer days, this article is for you.

Valuable Tips for Staying Cool

1. Make an Account of Your Sleeping Environment

Before going to sleep, you should take a look at your bedroom thoroughly. It is important to make sure that the room is cozy enough to get sleep.

Now is the time to take account of your bed:

  • There are different sleeping mattresses available for both summer and winter seasons. If you have opted for a winter mattress for summer, it won’t get you the anticipated result.
  • While considering the bedsheets, go for the ones made of lightweight natural material like cotton or linen as opposed to the different types of heavy fabrics that will make it hot to sleep at night.

After the mattresses, you need to think about the best way possible to cool your room in the daytime. If the room is receiving direct sunlight, surely the room will be heated more compared to rooms that don’t. Make sure that you are considering this, so you can switch rooms in the summer and sleep in the one that has more shade. If that is not possible in your case, you’ll also find information about the best portable air cooler later in the article.

2. Take Care of Your Body

One thing is to keep in mind that heat always accelerates the evaporating process. It will dry you out both inside and outside of the body because heat will also make you lose a lot of fluids in the form of sweat. If your body gets dehydrated, you can’t function well and you’ll feel less energetic. If you wake up in the middle of the night from feeling thirsty, think about how much water you drink during the day. Maybe it’s not enough.

Keeping yourself from overheating is the key to having a good-quality sleep in the summer. So you need to find a way to cool down your body before bedtime. You can take a cool shower before going to bed. It will instantly reduce body temperature and keep you comfortable while falling to sleep.

To make this effect last longer, you can take something cool to bed or leave on a side table. It can be a cotton cloth that you soak in cold water and put on your forehead. Or you can use the old Egyptian method of dampening the bed sheet you cover yourself with.

3. Avoid Overheating

Highly heated drinks

If you are consuming hot liquids like coffee, tea, or soup, make sure you limit their amount or avoid entirely. They will generate more heat in the body and make you feel uncomfortable.

Some people also choose ice-cold drinks as an alternative but keep in mind that these kinds of drinks will badly affect the digestive system and food will process slower.

Spicy foods

If you are having any kind of spicy food, it can overheat your body as well and hamper your sleep indirectly. It is also invigorating while your body needs something more soothing. And don’t for that spicy food will make you go to the toilet, so definitely skip on such a meal at night.

High-intensity training

There are different types of exercises that will improve the quality of your sleep, such as yoga or jogging. If you’re feeling stressed all day, you won’t sleep well at night and exercising can help rest your brain. If you have practiced yoga or something like that, it should have a positive impact on your sleep.

A high-intensity workout, on the other hand, will contribute to body heat. It will also make you sweat and thus dehydrate your body.

Ways to Keep Your Surroundings Cool at Night

A more effective alternative to the techniques mentioned above is a cooling device, such as a fan or AC. But these aren’t always the best options and here is why.

Demerits of ACs

  • Impact on sleep and health

Almost all the air conditioners produce noise and the wind they produce can get too chilly. When the AC blasts cold air into the room, it can make your body cool down too much, and you might end up with a sore throat. If they are not getting proper cleaning at the right time, they may cause respiratory problems because of germs and bacteria.

  • Safety

Though ACs use low toxicity gasses to produce colder air, they are safe only as long as gas is contained inside the tubes and other parts of the device. If this cooling agent leaks into the air, it can cause issues with health. It doesn’t have any smell so you can easily miss this issue.


  • Effect on interior and exterior of buildings


Unlike fans, AC units require special setups. You will need to drill holes in a wall which may potentially damage a home’s aesthetic values. Most of the landlords may not allow doing so.

  • Excessive noise

Most of the ACs create a sound level from 30 to 70 decibels. It won’t damage your hearing but when it’s on for a long time, it will definitely hamper your peace of mind.

Another option is to use a fan. It’s certainly safer, but they also come with a number of disadvantages.

Disadvantages of the Ceiling and Portable Fans

  • Inefficiency. They only blow air but can’t decrease the room temperature.
  • Sound Pollution. Fans are as loud as AC, the humming sound they produce contributes to noise pollution and it is annoying too.
  • Quality of air. Fans dry out the air and they may cause dehydration.

Health issues. Fan blades are a potential collector of dust and it can cause issues for anyone nearby who is breathing in the dust.

Choose an Efficient and Healthier Option — a Swamp Cooler

If you don’t want to deal with all the problems that come with using fans or installing air conditioning, try an evaporative cooler. Unless you live in an extremely humid area, it’s suitable for most people.

  • It is highly efficient. It can easily decrease the room temperature by 50 F.
  • Doesn’t produce much sound. It’s low and soothing, so you can easily sleep while the cooler is working.
  • Safe for health. It doesn’t use any harmful liquids, so it’s unlikely to cause any side-effects to your health.
  • Comes with a high comfort rate. It adds to humidity, so you won’t suffer from dehydration.
  • Pocket-friendly. You can easily buy a good model within a 90 to 200 dollar mark.
  • Easy to move. You can find a model that is much smaller and lighter than an AC yet it will still work effectively.


As you can see, you can have a more comfortable summer if you make sure sunlight doesn’t overheat your room and avoid foods and drinks that make you sweat excessively. Though this isn’t as effective as using cooling devices. On the other hand, devices such as fans and aircons come with a variety of disadvantages, so you might be better off with a swamp cooler. Evaporative coolers are a great way to get cool in summer. They are efficient enough and able to contribute heavily to your health and monthly budget at the same time.



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