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Start Living in a Smart Space Right Now

Have you noticed that the world is becoming faster and faster? It seems like people do everything to save their time and energy, allowing their duties to be done by robots where it is only possible. Today, the task of modern society consists in making the technologies our greatest alleys rather than distractions. At 4Prototypes you will be able to find smart devices for sale and make your personal space or office a kind of futuristic, yet comfy place to be in.

Which Devices Does 4Prototypes.com Have in Stock

The range of goods here is really wide. As you come across the website, it becomes clear at first sight that it is something connected with technical equipment. Smartphones, tablets, wearable devices, 3D printers, kick scooters, gyro scooters, solar bulbs and batteries, cameras, hoverbikes, Google kitchen utensils, robots, even prosthetic arms and legs, – all of this and even more is offered to the tech-savvies here at Amazon. The company allows to buy products by the technological giants like Samsung, Alexa (speaker and audio systems manufacturer), SmartThings, WeMo, and others.

The bright feature about the website is that in 80% of cases it offers smart gadgets for sale that make life simpler, help people accomplish everyday tasks and life a better, fuller life.

However, what technical store doesn’t have up-to-the-minute toys? For kids, it would be a paradise. Whether it is a Star Wars remote control robot, robotic building blocks, or an inventor kit, these gadgets will take your kiddo to the higher development level and bring so much fun to the playing routine.

Smart Home Devices – What are They and Why do We Need to Have Them

Who wouldn’t like to live in a smart house? Full of devices that understand you in a half-word, save your time spent on routine duties, entertain and help, – it sounds like a perfect household. Today, in 2019, the idea of a smart home kicked into high gear. Everything from smart lights, fast video calls, interactive speakers, smart sleep systems, often remind us of the distant fantastic films. But now you can make these fantasies come true!

Going far beyond the average, it is the devices that make smart homes stand out. More beautiful, easy-to-use, interesting – all of this applies here. At 4Prototypes.com you’ll find smart devices for sale that will complete your innovative house by:

1. Providing extra safety

Smoke and gas detectors, wireless security cameras, air purifiers, climate controls, – with these buddies you won’t be anxious when leaving a house for a week or longer, especially having all the info they collect on your smartphone.

2. Making the usual eating-sleeping-drinking really fun

Have you seen how the runaway alarm clock behaves itself? It’s difficult to remain sad or serious as you watch this little devil escape from you every morning after successfully completing its great waking-up mission. At 4Prototypes, you can take one for about $40.

3. Saving energy resources

Taking smart thermostats, devices that prevent water misuse and TVs that turn off when a person falls asleep, Sonoff sockets, a smart bulb, plug, or wall outlet, or Belkin WeMo light switch, we can be sure that the bills at the end of the month will not contain big numbers. It has never been so fun to save the planet and money.

4. Controlling all devices with the help of one hub

Hub is a great assistant when it comes to bridging the gap between all technical devices in the smart home. Google and Apple have launched homekit apps with this device that link you to your refrigerator, TV, Z wave door sensors, wifi LED bulbs, air fresheners, etc.

As you see, smart home nowadays isn’t a dream beyond our reach. Though the prices for smart house gadgets are higher, when you buy smart devices, you will save lots of time, resources and bring pleasure to your family! With those innovations, your house will be transfigured into a more-than-IKEA type of home, where you would be happy to invite guests in!


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