Bobbleheads are really cool pieces of collectibles. Any fan would love to have his/her idol’s bobblehead in their rooms. What if we told you you could have your very own customized bobblehead on your desk next to your idol’s? And by customize, we do mean going all the way from the costumes to the hairline – every little detail that makes you unique can now be processed as a tiny bobbling figurine.

Sound a little too good to be true? Well, pinch yourself, because it is true. There are actually sites like Bobblehead Boy that allow you to fully customize your bobblehead, and make them stand out from the rest.

You can go the site right now to have the whole process done for you in simple, easy-to-follow steps, or you could read ahead to see what the entire process entails.


Take a photo of your face, head, and your hair, and then upload it on the website. There are separate fields on the BobbleheadBoy website that will tell you where to upload these pictures. Make sure a clear picture is taken. Blurry images can cause a hindrance to the whole process.

Then follow up by capturing your body shape. Now, all you have to do is specify the type of changes you want to make and then finally you can upload them directly on the website, and the order will be taken by the team that is going to produce these bobbleheads.

You can also select the type of dress you want to wear and make any number of variations to them.

Receive progress pictures

Once we upload all the details, the building process begins. The whole model is computerized and made into a virtual action figure. But in any case, if there are any modifications that you, the customer, want to make, the company sends you to progress pics, from which you can find if there are any errors or if you want to make any specific kind of changes to your bobblehead.

For instance, if you find that your nose isn’t that long as the software has made it seem, then you can inform the team of the changes you want to make. BobbleheadBoy has one of the best customer service centers on the planet and can make any and all changes to ensure the customer gets the most out of the deal.


This is the final stage before the bobblehead is printed. The printing team makes sure all the changes are final and that the customers are fully satisfied with what the end result is going to be.

This part is the most important part for the company because to have the approval of customers means to have gained their trust, and nothing beats that in business. And if the customers aren’t satisfied with the final product, and most people do not do this, but sites like BobbleheadBoy head back to the drawing board and start the process from scratch if need be. You definitely need to check out BobbleheadBoy and its products.

Shipping process

Once the site has the customer’s approval, they ship the completed bobbleheads out for delivery and it takes basically no time to reach the customers.

During the shipping process, the company makes sure that the bobblehead has reached the place with safety with no damages to in-take. Most importantly, they see to it that the package is safe to handle with no problems. Bobblehead Boy has received great reviews on having all its products reach the customer before the deadline and in great quality.

There is also another service that Bobblehead Boy provides that is way better than services offered by other companies. We’ll let the folks at Bobblehead Boy tell you further:

Standard body type bobbleheads

“This is a different kind of bobblehead, where the whole body isn’t as same as the customer’s body shape instead we provide a standard shape of the body to the customer and just the head having the looks of the customer.


Initially, we need a picture of the customers’ faces from a different direction in order to have a perfect shape and to capture the exact features. The more the number of photos, the greater the accuracy as they can help us avoid any sort of error and provide optimal results to meet the customers’ expectations.

For a specific number, we recommend three photos – one for the front view, one rearview shot, and another side view of your face – to make the perfect bobblehead.

Sometimes people send us pictures that are either blurred and we are not able to process through them correctly. One of the many mistakes that can make the image processing difficult is tilting your heads too much towards the ground giving us no clear features of the shape.

And facial expressions that are too extreme are not possible to process. Poses like pouts and tongue out are also not recommended.


After the process of the capturing is completed, we need the type of color you want for your face and also the type of body in which you would like to swap your doll’s face.

There are also many color changes that can be made to the bobblehead dolls. You are also able to add extra props like a car behind your bobblehead or any other thing that you like. The only limit, again, is your imagination.

Once we have this done, the rendering can begin. You can also make changes during this stage of the process. For example, if you select the type of body you want to swap the head for your doll and you would like to change the color of the t-shirt or jeans and also the color of the car if anything is near it then it is also possible for it to happen.

Progress pics

Once we have got all the pictures, we start getting into action and start preparing the face at Bobblehead Boy with the help of our own artists, who are the best in the business when it comes to sculpting and detailing.

During this process, we send some progress pictures to get your feedback and to know if you would want to make any sort of changes to the bobbleheads or add something different to it – something like having your smile made a bit wider or your lips thinner.

You can contact our customer service and let us know or even through email. In the end, this can help you get the better of your bobbleheads, and that is what we are here for.


Once we have your approval before we ship the doll, we send the completed rendering of the bobblehead and also find out your satisfaction. At Bobblehead Boy, only once we are sure that you are satisfied with our work, we send them to the shipping stage by packing them thoroughly and see to it that they are not damaged on their way to reach you. And only after that, we send them to the customers.”

Bobblehead Boy sure has a huge fan base throughout the world, and it clearly shows why. Go get your very own customized bobblehead from their store today!


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