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The Best DIY Home Security Systems In 2020

So are you setting your new home ready but are odds over getting a home security provider because of budget?

An immediate solution that can help you up your home’s security without draining your pocket is a DIY home security system!

But how to do it is always the next challenge.

No worries.. Because in this article, I will be sharing with you the best DIY home security systems in 2020.  

Read the whole thing to acquire your DIY home security system today…

What are the Benefits of Setting a DIY Home Security System?

The benefits of setting a DIY home security system range from utmost security to utter economic freedom.

To answer your question further, I will enumerate the benefits of setting a DIY home security system:

1.    Packaged Security System

With the DIY system doing the work, you can get peace of mind over deciding for the security technology to include.

Most of the time, the system would include all necessary security equipment. So, you won’t have to painstakingly go through them one by one.

The DIY system saves you the hassle of having to pick and manually buy the security technology. In fact, they will choose it for you. And, all you have to do is to decide which one to retain. 

2.    Quick Installation

With a DIY system doing the work, considering that it’s certified high-quality, there is absolute possibility that the installation output takes least time possible.

Anyway, even if problems occur, the system itself monitors these through a specific channel, constantly aware and self-assessment.

By then, the system will beep out and notify you in case problems arise upon installation.

3.    Trusted Home Monitoring System

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the best DIY home security systems really slay security control in your home through a trusted home monitoring program. By all means, you’ll get to monitor this program by yourself.

Equipped with more than an average of 50-80 monitoring channels (all systems for high-technology demands), the best DIY agency works as the watching eye of your home.

4.    Quick Maintenance of Security Appliances

With your home secured by a DIY system, repairing or maintaining your appliances does not take more than 5 hours to do.

Once you’re notified by your DIY system, you can immediately reach out to home insurance companies/security providers via online or hotline call. So, there’s no reason for your claim to not get the quickest attention possible.

Are ready for the best DIY home security systems in 2020?

Let’s get it on…

The Best DIY Home Security Systems in 2020

Here are the best DIY home security systems in 2020:

1.   Ooma Smart Security Package


  • Highly affordable (includes a bulk of other accessories)
  • Can be linked without any apps needed
  • Has quick hand to emergency options
  • Has 2 sensors packaged
  • Compatible with Alexa, IFTTT, Google Assistant, etc.


  • Limited automation options
  • No battery backup
  • No cellular backup

2.   SimpliSafe Essentials


  • Shortest time to install
  • Customer-friendly program and remote control
  • Efficient alarm and notifications (93 decibels)
  • Best with Google, Alexa, and August
  • Highly affordable
  • Stands as more qualified as a security system amidst differences between Ring and Simplisafe issues
  • Cellular and battery backed-up


  • No geofencing option available
  • Difficult-to-handle monitoring device
  • Low-quality sensors

3.   Abode Essentials Package


  • Highly affordable
  • Compatible with HomeKit, Nest, Alexa, Google, IFTTT, etc.
  • Quick to install
  • 2 sensors included
  • Consists of several other home security solutions
  • High-quality equipment


  • Not integrated smart-hub connections
  • Requires app control
  • Complex controls
  • Problematic locks


 You’ve got far to go when it comes to DIY home security systems! 

Now, it’s time for some fast recap…


In today’s home quarantine, you’ve got all the reasons to focus on installing your DIY home security system.

As proven, the top 3 best DIY home security systems in 2020 are all certified affordable.

All these systems have served homes for more than a decade now. So there is very little chance for these systems: SimpliSafe, Ooma, and Abode to fail!

Try them today…


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