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Top 7 Ways to Keep Your Kids Actives

How to keep my child active? This is one question that is troubling all the parents at the present moment. The children of this generation are already lazy and thanks to the pandemic for adding on to it. The troubles of parents have multiplied and they are having a hard time separating kids and gadgets. The children today are so actively involved in online games that they hardly want to indulge themselves in any other activity.

But they are children. As mature parents, we somehow need to bring them on the correct path and get them going. If all of this sounds like your problem too, then these are the 7 things that you can try with your child to make them willingly get up from their lazy positions.

1. Start yourself

Kids imitate whatever their parents do. So, if you tell your kids “Do as I say”. They wouldn’t listen to this. But if you do a certain thing, they’re likely to imitate it even if they don’t like it.

So, to get them going, you need to become active and follow a daily routine. Try starting it slow and get into the physical exercises for at least 30 minutes a day.

2. Encourage them

Initially, understand what is the sport that your child really enjoys. Then, motivate them to play the same sport.

Even if it is football, cricket, basketball, running, or swimming- every game helps to keep us active. Look for such games and if your child wants, enroll them in sports classes where they can learn more about these games. This helps them to enjoy as well as remain fit together.

3. Be creative

Now, the above activities require some amount of investment if you’re enrolling them for some classes. This might not be feasible for you if you are having a tight budget. But that doesn’t mean you can compromise your child’s health.

In such cases, look for creative solutions like spending a few hours in the nearby playground. You can also play some games at home or go for a walk or ride bikes together.

Alternatively, you can also ask your kid to help them with vacuuming or dusting. Further, you can also explore some cubby houses online and invest in them. They not only give their own creative space but also give them the freedom to explore themselves.

4. Avoid electronic gadgets

Limit the screen time for phones, televisions, laptops, or iPads. Your children do not need it for more than two hours a day. Since the pandemic, children have become more inclined towards the screen because of online education.

But apart from that, it is our responsibility to keep them hooked on other activities so that they don’t become a part of the unhealthy mess. If needed, practice the physical exercises with them for a certain time period until they are capable of doing it on their own.

5. Discover their passion

Apart from games, if they’re interested in dance, yoga, or Zumba, even that’s a great option and you should certainly support your child. Help them find their passion by engaging them in various activities and then ask them what they enjoy the most.

The activities can be as easy as taking a walk but it needs to be done without fail.

6. Practice safety

All physical activities come with some risks. You need to ensure that your child is eligible to handle the activity and is playing in a safe environment under adult supervision.

Take all the required precautions so that the child is not injured. When there are no bad experiences, the child will certainly keep up with the activity.

7. Set priority

We all are running short of time but if you don’t make them do these exercises, your child will not learn to do it themselves. Make a routine and follow it without fail. Manage your time and make your exercises a priority if you want your child to learn something.

Over to you…

These are a few ways that you need to practice in your daily routine so that your child stops lazing around. If you still don’t see a difference, we recommend you consult a pediatrician for the child’s medical checkups.


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