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What to Consider When Choosing an Adhesive for Wall Paper Repair

Wall papers boost the aesthetic value of homes. However, if you do not install them properly with a suitable adhesive, they can peel off.

Several factors must be put into consideration while choosing an adhesive for your wall paper repairs. They range from the wall paper material and the type of adhesive to use.

You must know about all the useful products for your wall paper repairs for long-lasting results. Also, manufacturers of the wall papers might as well advise on the best glue you can use.

No matter your choice of the wall paper materials, here are the factors you should consider when choosing the repair adhesive;

  • The preferred wall paper material

The preferred choice of wall paper material defines the type of adhesive you are going to use. Wall papers come in various forms like some have prints, flock and texture appearance. You must know the glue that has the correct strength for your wallpaper. Manufacturers may advise you on the adhesive to use on your wall paper material. Adhere to the instructions you receive from them.

  • Preferred length of use

Your choice of adhesive will depend on how long you are planning to use the wall paper. For short term wallpapering goals, consider adhesive products that are less strong. They will make it easy for you to remove whenever you want. For long-lasting purposes, then use adhesives that have potent properties. It will make your wall paper durable.

  • Glue size

The size of the area to repair determines the amount of glue you need to use. With small repairs, only a small amount of the adhesive will repair. But in case of a more complex repair, you need a more considerable amount of glue to deliver lasting results.

  • Temperatures the adhesive can endure.

Some adhesives melt under high heat. If your wall has a lot of heat exerted on it, it may cause the wall paper to peel off. High temperatures melt most of the adhesives. Select a product that is strong enough for long-lasting repairs.

  • Surface type

Not all adhesives are suitable for wall paper repairs. It would be best to consider surface conditions like roughness, porosity, smoothness, cleanliness, to mention but a few. Some adhesives require thorough cleaning and preparation of the surface to bond well. Pressure-sensitive sealants keep up with most areas, but you must determine the one that is most suitable for your wall paper repair.

  • Strength and tack of the adhesive

It depends on whether you need an everlasting solid bond or one you can remove in future. A point to note is that no matter the toughness of the adhesive, the binding will fail if the glue is not compatible with the surface of the wallpaper.

Recheck the adhesive used on the wallpaper to see if it’s firm enough. Maybe the reason you are doing repairs is that the glue you used initially cannot withstand the weight of the wallpaper. You might have to replace the entire area with a tougher adhesive.

  • Humidity

Ask yourself whether you will expose your wallpaper to excess humidity. Excessive humidity can make adhesives look foam-covered in appearance and of a very soft quality. Some adhesive products do not get affected by moisture instantly, but the more they continue to be exposed, they get weakened.

Moisture lowers adhesion performance, making your wallpaper peel off. It will help if you control the amount of humidity packing on your wallpaper to minimize further damage.

Adhesives come in a wide range of forms. Each contains features that are articulated to bond a particular surface. Choosing a suitable adhesive is paramount in ensuring long-lasting wall paper repairs. Consider the above factors before settling to use a specific glue for your wallpaper repairing needs.


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