So you have decided to apply front door paint on your exterior doors and transform the look of your entry doors? Congratulations! Front doors play an essential role in promoting the first impression homeowners get concerning your home and painting them will, certainly pay off.

Whether you want to use the same paint or you are planning to use an entirely new colour for your front doors Oakville, these tips will help you before you start painting.

1. Choosing The Shade To Use

When it comes to painting your exterior doors Oakville, choosing the right colour for your doors is not like taking a walk in the park. The process can be confusing. One of the surest ways to choose the right colour is to go for the colour that was initially used on your doors. But what about if you want to change the shade altogether? Well, first you need to choose at least three colours and then narrow down your selection to one or utmost two colours.

On the same note, you can also buy small samples so that you can compare with the extensive line of colours adjacent to other shades in your home. Make sure to choose different swatches and see how they change in different times of the day.

2. What Paint To Use

Each front door will need approximately a quart of paint. Assuming that you have four exterior doors Oakville that will need a quart of paint. Nevertheless, if there is no storm or glass door that is installed between your door and the other components, you should make sure that you use exterior paint.

While you are free to go for any finish, it is recommended to choose shinny paints as they most preferred for trim and doors since they look unique and highlight the architectural features of your home superbly. They also stand out to scrapes and nicks excellently compared to flat paint, and that means they could have a long lifespan.

However, with all that, the most essential thing you should note is the type of paint you have, which could either be oil-based or latex oil. This is specifically essential for touch-ups, as you definitely don’t want to apply oil over a latex paint or the other way round.

Also, remember that the kind of primer you utilise ought to complement the kind of paint that you use (oil-based or latex)

3. When To Paint

Without a doubt, every part of your home needs some level of maintenance and that includes front door paint. For exterior doors, this is something you will need to do from time to time since they are exposed directly to harsh weather elements and with time the paint starts to peel off. Whatever touch-ups you are doing, you need to set aside time. The most convenient time to purchase supplies, choose the right shade and do the painting is perhaps, on weekend.

Also, you need to choose the right time of the year to do your painting. In this case, weather forecasting comes in handy. Paint your Oakville Windows and Doors when the skies are clear, the sun is out and temperatures are moderate- these are good conditions for the paint to dry.

4. Preparation Work For Painting

You can apply front door paint when the door is still hinged or you can remove it if you have storm door. It is essential to prime your door before starting to apply the paint. This is essential especially if you want to apply a different shade.

Before painting, use a wet rag, sandpaper and a sander to get rid of any imperfections. When done with the preps, remove the dust and then paint your door.

5. How To Paint

First, apply the primer. Make sure the door is covered completely.  A roller will help you greatly at this stage. Wait for the primer to dry off and then using a paintbrush, go over any trim.

The next step is application of the front door paint. You can opt for a paintbrush, low-nap or a foam roller. After painting, wait for some time for the paint to dry and then rehang your door, if you had removed it.


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