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Why Use Metal Caskets – The Most Significant Reasons for Buying Them

Losing someone you love is never easy, and we’re never ready for the trauma it brings. Unfortunately, it’s not something that we can avoid in our life, and it’s only a matter of time until we have to go through it.

For many years, metal caskets have been the most common choice for conventional memorial ceremonies. People want their loved ones to be protected after death, too, until the end of time.

What’s the history of metal caskets in a nutshell?

It was the early 1900’s when people started to use metal caskets and have kept the no.1 place for many decades. They’re durable and handle wear and tear, but they certainly knew ups and downs.

For instance, during the Industrial Revolution, steel became the most common choice within the metal caskets category. Even if it was tough to metal caskets manufacturers during World Wars I and II (as iron was needed for the military equipment), people have always got back to metal caskets.

What metals are used for caskets?

Nowadays, there are several metals used in casket manufacturing, with bronze, copper, and stainless steel as the most popular choice.

The thickness and weight of the metal can vary, as bronze and copper caskets are typically made with 32-ounce metal, whereas the steel models are made with 16, 18, or 20-gauge metal. Just to give you an idea, the lower the gauge of the metal is, the better the resilience of the metal.

Let’s take a look at the details of metals used today. You will understand better the reasons for which customers always go back to metal:

  • Bronze and copper

They are non-rusting materials, and people have used them for making sculptures and monuments. Caskets made of bronze or copper are high-quality and quite luxurious.

  • Stainless steel

Everyone knows about stainless steel, and it’s the watches the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about it. Caskets made of stainless steel are also rust-resistant and often surpass bronze and copper opponents.

A unique and affordable metal for caskets is carbon steel. It’s a durable and long-lasting metal, widely used in everything from automobiles to skyscrapers.

Why should you consider a metal casket?

There are many reasons for which people choose metal caskets over wood caskets, for example. Here are the most significant benefits:

  • Appearance

Even if some may consider metal caskets to look colder and slightly austere, many people also think it’s more modern and more opulent than other materials.

Let’s not forget that metal is more flexible than wood, and allows molding and stamping with all sorts of patterns. You can really decorate it the way you or the deceased would have loved it.

  • Level of protection

If you’re looking for protection, a metal casket is the most reliable choice. It can also be coated with numerous chemicals that reduce the risk of corrosion and rust. It can also be hermetically sealed, creating effective environmental protection for the deceased.

Moreover, you can also select the level of protection you want, thanks to the thickness we’ve mentioned earlier. The thickness of metal can range from 14 to 24 gauge metals.

On top of everything else, metal caskets can be crushproof, becoming resistant to outside forces.

  • Craftsmanship

Metal caskets (good quality, anyway), are solidly welded, whereas the openings are gasketed. It’s why they can protect the body for centuries. The attention to crafting and painting with the sanding process is incredible, and metal caskets satisfy the pickiest customers.

They can also be decorated with exquisite velvet lining, increasing the level of comfort for the one that passed away.

Should you take a look at both metal and wood caskets, you will notice that the metal models are quite different. Once again, we remind you that metal caskets can be decorated and finished in almost any color you can think of.

The personalized casket is a common thing for metal caskets manufacturers. People love custom caskets as it’s one last thing to do for the loved ones. The mare process of selecting the casket, deciding on the details, colors, materials, accents, and so on is part of the grieving process that helps the mourners deal with death easier.

  • The locking mechanism

With metal caskets made to last for eternity, a sturdy locking mechanism is expected. The majority of metal caskets feature a particular locking system/mechanism that doesn’t allow the straightforward opening of the casket after it’s closed. Even if a metal casket is challenging to open, a unique key is available from the funeral home.

  • The features

Many metal caskets may include a particular compartment on the side. Written records about the deceased or any other small personal items can be placed inside the chamber. It’s a special place where people can store their written thoughts or anything to remind them of the deceased.

What about environmental concerns?

Even if there are so many reasons for which you should buy a metal casket, it’s only fair to have the whole picture. You should be aware that metal caskets need a lot more time to break down (lasting for eternity is why you buy it in the first place!). They will not return to ecological basics as soon as wood does.

Moreover, metal caskets cannot protect the body against the elements completely nor forever. They are, beyond a doubt, more durable than other materials and even sturdiest wood.

For the environmentalists out there, metal caskets are a big “no.” However, when you lose someone you love, this may be one of the least concerns for you.

What’s the conclusion?

To this day, people still buy metal caskets a lot. Even if some severe competitions are coming strong (hardwood caskets are one to name), many people always go for the long lifespan and adequate protection that metal caskets provide.

Truth be told, people today have so many options when it comes to funeral service and materials used for the casket. They can go with cremation, or even with a green burial in which a bio-degradable casket is being used.

For reasons we can all understand, metal caskets remain one of the most popular choices. It’s because they give us the feeling that they will protect our loved ones forever and ever, no matter what.



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