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3 Ways to Crop Video on Windows [Not Trim]

Are you looking for effective ways to crop a video on windows? The best video editor can help crop your videos in easy steps. Whether you’re using VLC, Handbrake or Filme, we’ve got you covered. In this article, you will find a step-by-step guide on cropping a video using the best video editing software.

Let’s delve right into the article and find out step-by-step instructions of four video cropping methods with pictures.

 Method 1: VLC

Do you wonder how to crop a video windows? VLC is one of the best video editors that allows you to crop your video without any hassle. Let’s take a look at a step-by-step guide on how to crop a video using VLC on windows.

Step # 1 – Open the video file

Launch VLC on your computer and open the media file you want to crop. Go to Media > Open File to open your desired file.

3 Ways to Crop Video on Windows [Not Trim]

Step # 2 – Select an area you want to crop

After opening the file, decide on what area of the video you want to crop. After that, go to Tools > Effects and Filters > Video Effects > Crop. Click on the Video Effects tab and select the Crop tab to crop your video.

Step # 3 – Adjust pixel values

You can adjust the pixel values manually by pressing the up and down button and the changes will be made to your video. Alternatively, type the pixel values if you don’t want to press the up and down button.

Step # 4 – Close the Adjustment and Effects window

All you need is to close the window and go to Tools > Preferences. After that, go to Video > Filters > Croppadd. You will need to enter the values again under the Crop section that you’ve entered in the above step.

Step # 5 – Click on the Save button

In the last step, you will need to click on the Filters submenu and tick the Video Scaling Filter checkbox. Tap on the Save button to apply the changes. You can save the file in your desired location.

Method 2: Handbrake

Many video editing apps lack a full set of editing features such as crop. Handbrake is the right tool that offers crop features for Windows. Most importantly, it allows you to crop your video without affecting its quality.

Step # 1 – Add the video

Open Handbrake on Windows and import the media file you want to crop. Go to the Dimensions tab and hit the Preview button.

3 Ways to Crop Video on Windows [Not Trim]

Step # 2 – Preview your file

Once you’ve clicked on the Preview button, you can preview your file.

Step # 3 – Adjust pixels

Using the arrows, you can adjust the pixels of your video. You can click inside the field to enter any manual value. Your video will be cropped out depending on the value in pixels.

Step # 4 – Save the file

When you’re done with cropping, all you need is to save your file and click the Start Encode button at the top.

Method 3: Filme

Wondering how to crop a video on Windows? Filme is one of the best video editors with plenty of animations, filters, transitions, and much more. It allows you to create evergreen videos using a crop feature. As a result, you can highlight the most important part of your video. Here’s how to crop a video using iMyFone Filme for Windows.

Step # 1 – Select the clip

First of all, you need to select the video in the Timeline. After that, open the Crop window by clicking on the Crop icon in the Toolbar.

3 Ways to Crop Video on Windows [Not Trim]

Step # 2 – Adjust the ratio

Can you see the corner of the rectangle? All you need is to move the corner to crop the video screen. You can also select the ratio or input the ratio to crop your video. Check the drop-down list to adjust the ratio.

Step # 3 – Select OK to confirm

Once you’ve cropped your video, click on the OK button to save the changes. If you want to undo the change, click the Cancel button.

Method 4: VideoProc

VideoProc is another great video editing tool that works smoothly on Windows. Most importantly, it is compatible with every kind of video captured by a variety of devices. It allows you to crop your video in three easy steps.

Step # 1 – Add a video

You need to click the Video icon from the main screen and then hit the + Video icon to add your video.

Step # 2 – Crop your video

Tap on the Crop icon and it will redirect you to the editing window. Tick the Enable Crop box to crop your video. It allows you to drag the selection box easily to crop your video. Change the aspect ratio (like 4:3, 1:1, etc) by clicking the Preset icon. You can also change the aspect ratio by entering the pixel value in the dialogue box.

3 Ways to Crop Video on Windows [Not Trim]

Step # 3 – Export your video

All you need is to click on the Run button to export your cropped video to your local drive.


Choosing the right video editor is always stressful. A top-rated video editor like Filme can help crop your videos easily and quickly. Apart from cropping your videos, it allows you to add transitions, animations, filters, music, and much more. For that reason, Filme is the best video editor for Windows.


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