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8 Things You Need to Know About Jammers


Technology is an essential part of your daily life. There are a lot of things that you can do quickly and easily because of gadgets like phones, laptops, and tablets. However, some devices restrict and prohibit the maximum usage of other technologies. Some of these devices come in the form of jammers, and there are many reasons why people are curious.

Signal jammers or cell phone jammers are devices that disrupt radio and phone signals. These devices help prevent terrorist attacks and also protect certain areas from specific frequencies. You can use radiofrequency jamming devices or signal jammers to block the signal transmission or reception by creating interference waves similar to telecommunications uses.

In this post, you’ll learn essential things about signal jammers so you can decide whether you should try them or not.

Here are nine things you need to know about signal jammers:

1. Signal Jammers Are Sold Online

You might be wondering where you can find signal jammers. While a lot of people might opt for DIY jammers, there are a lot of reliable suppliers that can give you quality devices. You can easily find a signal jammer online, which companies often advertise as security equipment.

2. Jammer Types

Jammers, in general, prevent other people from stalking you and help promote your privacy. During exams, having a jammer could be handy in preventing students from cheating and Googling the answers. There are a lot of varieties to help with your specific needs.

Here are some jammer types you might find:

  • Personal portable jammer – blocks cell phone signal within the range of 60 to 80 feet.
  • Wireless spy camera jammer – prevents an incoming signal from outside sources from accessing your phone’s camera.
  • GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) jammer – blocks outside sources from accessing the GPS on your device.
  • High power jammer – prevents signals coming into a specific area.
  • Cigarette mobile jammer – a smaller portable device that you can easily fit into your pocket. It has the same function as a personal jammer.

These different types will help in securing you and your device, wherever you may be. Make sure that you turn your jammer off when you’re planning to use your mobile device.

3. Legalities

Jammers are useful, but there are limitations to where and when you can use them. Some countries restrict the use of RF jamming devices, particularly in Europe. On the other hand, using such equipment is illegal in the USA. However, the laws remain unclear about signal jammer use.

Before buying one, you need to know if you are allowed to use it in your area. You should check the laws so that you don’t get in trouble. If you get a complaint from neighbors or concerned citizens, you could get arrested or worse.

4. Mobile Call Security

While many people find signal jammers as dangerous to the public at a large scale, jamming devices can also promote mobile call security. Manufacturers of RF jammers churn the wrong general notion about such devices. Signal jammers can boost the safety and security of mobile users.

For example, you can put a jammer in prison so that inmates don’t send messages when they’re not supposed to. Jammers can also help you limit mobile use in your home or office. Business owners can use signal jammers to block the cell signals of their employees to prevent workplace interruptions or distractions during meetings. It prevents data leak or sending outgoing information. It’s a precautionary measure against leaking sensitive information such as credit card information and protocols.

5. Prevent Terrorist Attacks

Terrorists often use cellphone detonators, which is why signal jammers make a useful way to block signals and prevent terrorist attacks. There were incidents in the past wherein mobile jammers have saved crowds from possible attacks. As a preventive measure, grand events demand signal jamming to make sure that there are no bombs set off in highly-concentrated areas.

6. Avoid Spy Detection

As technology becomes more sophisticated, people can do remote damage to your device. In the long run, the government would realize the importance of signal jamming equipment. A signal jammer can be installed in a car or bag, preventing spy detection.

7. Illegal activities

Signal jammers were created to make things easier and more secure. However, some criminals are catching up quickly on the advantages. With the benefits of signal jammers, some criminals, pranksters, and thieves use them to get away with the law.

Police authorities experience difficulty when tracking vehicles used in performing law violations. Also, a signal jammer is used by some people to avoid paying toll road charges. These exploits are not definitive, but they are often the reasons why some countries ban them.

  1. How Signal Jammers Work

The last but not the least thing that you need to know about jammers is that it works by sending cell signals.

Learn how a signal jammer works by reading the details below:

  • Cellular phones send signals to telecommunications towers to work.
  • The cell tower receives the signal depending on the location of the phone. When traveling, cell phone signals differ because cell towers are dividing their workload, honing on specific areas.
  • The RF jamming equipment sends radio frequencies to the cell tower, overpowering cell phone signals by mimicking cell phones.
  • The signal jammer sends a signal with the same frequency as a cell phone. The message is powerful that it overpowers a cell phone’s signal.
  • When your phone’s signal and the signal of the RF jamming device collides, it causes communications lapse between the cell phone tower and the cellular phone.


Now you’re fully aware of what signal jammers can do. Like anything else, this device can be highly beneficial if appropriately used, privately, and under the law. An individual can use it to avoid spy detection and keep mobile calls private. However, it can also be used in illegal activities by bad guys. If you’re planning to use one, make sure that you won’t get in trouble for it.