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9 Best Mobile Video Cutters

Now, to get an impressive video edit, you don’t even need a computer. A mobile phone with some free storage will be enough. Here you may cut a clip, add some sounds and effects, improve the picture quality, etc.

Here is a top list of editing apps for Android. There are both free and premium tools with different abilities. They provide an impressive range of functions for high-level short clips and IGTV videos.

Top 5 Apps for Android

These apps are multi-platform and work both on Linux, Windows, Mac, etc. Their advanced Android variants prove that even an ordinary mobile phone can be used to create stunning artwork.

1 – Movavi Clips

One of the first benefits of this program is a non-necessary registration & account creating. Just download from Google Play, watch a short guide, and start creating. Here you can work both with videos and images.

After downloading a video, you may:

  1. Choose the video aspect ratio. There are vertical templates available for IG-Stories and square ones for publications.
  2. Crop the video and remove the unneeded part or duplicate some of them.
  3. Add effects such as background color, music, lettering, filters, stickers, etc.
  4. Add a slow-motion effect or make a funny video run faster.

Movavi is free but has a Premium version without a watermark. It also gives you opportunities to add your logos, unique effects, and more. The application is available on any app market. Movavi free and advanced versions can be easily found in the Google Play library and installed.

2 – InShot

It is considered to be the best editing app by many users. With it, you can create clips in HD quality, cut them, and apply filters. It supports 1080p 60fps rendering. There is also a photo editor and a collage creator. Developers update it constantly and add new functions and filter packs.

Another essential function is converting any other format to mp4. The app supports different formats: MP4, MOV, AVI, 3GP, etc. The Premium version removes the InShot logo and ads and allows you to use the whole range of fascinating functions.

3 – YouCut

This app is free and, which is more important, doesn’t have any watermarks. It allows you to crop videos, blur the background, change the speed, and do much more. It is applied especially for YouTube edits. YouCut supports picture resolution up to 4K. Adding music and sound effects is also available.

You can even record the audio background to the video right in the app. Another feature to match is an impressive overlay effect of high quality. Advanced users can buy a Pro version without ads and with a full range of filters.

4 – Adobe Premiere Rush

An impressive video solution from Adobe, it is just their Lightroom app for photos. You can record videos right in the program with its improved camera. Another benefit is a cross-device function. So, you may shoot a video on your phone and continue working with it on your desktop. As a part of the Adobe system, Premium Rush is connected to your CreativeCloud where you can save works without downloading them.

With a premium version, you get access to a complete catalog of royalty-free soundtracks, sound-editing tools, overlays, and more. Adobe Premiere is desktop-friendly and can be installed on your computer. To work in that program, you can convert videos to the required format with the help of the special-purpose online tool. Otherwise, install an extension or download a converting program for video format conversion.

5 – BeeCut

This one is suitable especially for beginners. BeeCut provides you with guides and helpful tips on improving your work’s quality. There is a basic set of instruments and a super user-friendly design. You can easily add new layers with stickers and manage the timeline perfectly. Besides the mobile version, there is an online editor, so you don’t even need to install anything. Additionally, there are stabilizing, color tuning, slowing, and speeding tools.

Android Alternatives: iOS Top Cutting Apps

Some apps from the previous paragraph are available on both operating systems, but the next list of applications is made especially for iOS. They are powerful digital editing tools to create stunning clips and customize them professionally.


It is a self-explanatory app that provides you with an almost unlimited list of possibilities. You can:

  • crop a video so it would fit an IG-stories or another format;
  • cut some parts out, repeat them, slow or speed up;
  • add titles
  • apply fascinating effects and themes;
  • add music from iTunes or record your track.

iMovie is connected with iCloud, so you may export your work to any of your iOS gadgets and continue editing the clip. The completed visual and final results can be shown with iMovie Theatre on any other device. Another nice thing about it — iMovie is 100% free in AppStore and has no extra hidden payments. The minimum software version required is iOS 13.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

This is the most advanced Adobe video app that allows you to be a professional video maker. The app has many functions and simple guides so you won’t mess up your first time. Here you can reframe proportions automatically, add photos and other videos for the overlay effect.

Another handy function is automatic editing. If you are a newbie or have too many videos to edit, it is a perfect solution. In most cases, it is used on the desktop, but mobile is suitable as well. To make your work maximally effective, you can transport your edits on any device with CreativeCloud.


It is a simple app with advanced AI-based algorithms. After the picture analysis, a program suggests how to edit a snippet in the best way. Furthermore, here you can use one of the templates for Stories, which will come in handy for blogs and ads. There are three payment plans for one and multiple users.

Glitch Cam

The function range is quite ordinary there, but there are exceptional, unique details. To start with, GlitchCam allows you to record a video right in the app. The second difference is a broad variety of glitch filters so you can create a stunning futuristic edit. Here you can produce just some simple actions like

  • trimming;
  • flipping;
  • proportions shifting, etc.

In the next section, you can apply filters, background color, sounds, or glitch effects. GlitchCam is easy-to-use, and you can trim your video in a minute and receive a fantastic result. It is ideal for creating IG-stories of impressive quality. The Pro version lets you remove the watermark and opens the whole range of effects.

Now you may choose an optimal editing application that suits your skill and purposes. Go ahead and create eye-catching artworks! This guide aims to help readers pick sides with the most functional app for their requirements.


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