There are 3 types of operating systems for smartphones, they are Android, iOS and Windows.

These operating systems have differences from one another, merits and demerits too.

After an explanation of these operating systems of smartphones, tablets or other devices  you can easily get the better operating system for you.

Design of each Operating systems:


Android home screen is can use to put you needy apps as a shortcut. So you can find and use them easily.

Recently used apps can be found from the app drawer via the home button.

You can customize the screen with the help of different themes.


The look of the interface of windows is like a tile and it can resize, you can flip them for knowing about the info of the app.

The home screen is used as an app shortcuts list. The installed apps list can be known by swiping the screen on the left side.

You can’t customize the home screen except changing colors and resizing the tiles.


iOS looks like an android. It has only one button for the home screen and app drawer.

The difference is it has no widgets or customization options.

Performances of each operating systems


The most useable operating system is android.  You can find low and highly costly android tablets  in the market all of them are the same for performances but branded phones are the best for performances like google, Samsung, Hwauai, etc.


For lag-free and smooth use windows can beat any operating systems. It’s so responsive to using and that’s one of the best reasons to love windows.


I wish you know that iOS is maintained by Apple and they never compromise with the build quality like hardware and software of their products.

It never has any lag and great responsive for uses. The durability of the phones is also high.

Uses of Applications

The needs of people around the world are increasing continuously and the uses of apps are also the same. They want to use useful apps for easier activities. There are lots of applications you may find but uses it depends on your choices.


If you compare the number of apps or the performances of the easiest apps for your tablet devices than Android is the king of apps.

Android uses Google Play Store for downloading and using your needy apps. There are lots of Apps in this store you can’t imagine at all. Just search and download which one you need.

In my opinion android is on the top for their best apps.


Microsoft makes this windows system but they are worst in this field. Though tried to step in Android for flow with the customers and now they’re producing android tablets. In this case, they launch windows 10 and it is capable of using both android and iOS apps at the same time.

All of the apps need to download from the Windows store.


If we think about the rank of apps than iOS is second after Android in the list.

Apple store is here for your apps and the best thing about this operating system is that they provide the highest security for using their apps.


These differences in these operating systems make them unique from one another. You wanna buy a device than the choice depends on you.

The great thing comes at a great choice and cost. If you need a high-end device that makes you feel comfortable using it for a long time then you should go with Android and iOS.

Low and mid-range are suited android and windows, though the price of the windows is much than the best performable Andriod phones.

If You love to use multiple free apps than android is best for you.

security is guaranteed in the iOS device but for this, you’ve to pay so much than other phones.

At last, I can say that if you have a great budget you can choose iOS or some of the highly paid Android devices are also best in this case. I don’t wanna make bother you by buying a Windows phone.

Remember that low-end devices aren’t fair and they have a little bug in their devices.

I hope this post is at your side for the right choice.


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