How to clean your phone and Sanitize During COVID-19?

Looking for a Smartphone Cleaner to clean your phone? In this article you will find all the details related to how to clean your phone in situation like covid-19

In a world delved in chaos and uncertainty, even the smallest of things can help you preserve your health!

The world is grappling under the fear of a virus, the norms of living have changed a little. Some of the additions to our daily life include:

  • Cleaning the commonly and publicly touched surfaces
  • Cleaning of our hands after contact with any foreign or public surface
  • No touching or mouth, nose or eyes when outside.

In the world where we are constantly concerned about not letting out outside germs reach our face through our hands, it becomes all the more important to take care that our touch screens don’t do the job instead. So how important is it to clean your smartphone or own a smartphone cleaner?

Dr. David Westenberg of the Missouri University of Science and Technology notes that “Touch screens on our devices are an often overlooked source of microbes that can be brought into our personal space”

Phones are not only one of the most frequently touched surface by our hands, but is also in close contact to both our eyes and our mouths, whether it is to call someone or simply check the grocery list while shopping. However, there is an easy solution for that! Just carry enough disinfecting wipes and make sure that it is clean after every touch!

But do we need to be cleaning the phone?

One of the most famous questions among people ever since the beginning of the pandemic has been that if they wash their hands regularly, how important is it to clean your phone separately?

According to Westenberg, under normal circumstances, it would have been enough to wash your hands frequently before touching your device. However, in the times of today’s crisis, it is important to make sure that you don’t take the benefit of the doubt.

Considering our usage of phones, it is impractical to assume that cleansing can be done before every new contact. It is therefore very important to carry cleansing wipes or smartphone cleaner to take care of your safety along with others.

In fact, established virologists and biologists that wiping and cleaning of smartphones should be done regularly even under normal circumstances.

How do I clean my phone?

Now that you are sure that you would need more than just a simple napkin to clean your phone, it is really important to have the right tools to help you through!

The first thing to consider before anything else is to read up on the manufacturer’s website to understand the exact instructions and needs of your device. Your handling and the strength of your smartphone cleaner would be highly influenced by this. It is important to make sure that you don’t harm your device while the cleaning process.

A lot of phone manufacturers, for example, Apple, have released specific recommendations for the COVID-19 Pandemic and how to get the best possible care for your phone. These include specific conditions according to the build, features, and design of your model.

The main guidelines include

  • Clean your device with a soft lint-free cloth
  • Say no to excessive wiping
  • Unplug the device from all cables and power sources before wiping
  • Keep your device away from all liquids
  • Avoid moisture settlement in any openings
  • Keep away from Aerosols sprays, abrasives or bleaches
  • Do not spray smartphone cleaners directly on your device.

One of the most famous recommendations of Apple to its users is to use a solution of 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes or simply the Clorox disinfecting wipes to clean out all the non-porous surfaces. It is however important to make sure that you don’t do that on the leather or fabric.

Dr, Donald W. Schaffner has claimed that it is really important that the disinfection of your phone is mild enough to make sure that you don’t damage your phone while cleaning it.

It is also suggested by many experts to keep your phone in a sealed case to make it easier to wipe it clean with the disinfectant wipes.

How often should I clean my phone?

Coming to one of the most important questions, it is really important to understand how often you should clean your device. Though the major contamination of your device occurs only at a point where someone in the close proximity sneezes or coughs near it.

It has been noticed that the microscopic droplets that house the virus can land and settle on the phone. This would ultimately lead to their transfer from the surface you’re your system easily. It is therefore important to clean the device as soon as you see that happening.

If we talk about normal circumstances, it is always a good idea to clean your phone on a fairly regular basis. If you stick to the handwashing routine, you can afford to slightly slack off in the cleaning of your phone, however, it is still advisable to clean the screen at least once or twice a day.

If you have a habit of placing your phone down on potentially contaminated surfaces, even with washing your hands, the need to clean your phone is more than usual. It is for this reason that during these times of turmoil, we make disinfectant wipes an important part of your daily carry-ons.

Having said all this, the leading scientists have claimed that unless you share your living space with someone who has the SARS-CoV-2 viral infection or are a healthcare professional in constant contact with the workings, the chance of your phone getting a carrier is minimal.


Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our life, whether it is the connectivity or the plethora of features, it is something that we cannot live without. But to make sure that we have a long life to go along with our favorite device, it has now become more important than ever to keep it clean. A simple and effective fight against the most dangerous disease of our generation, in a single wipe!


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