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How to Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Their Phones for Free

Do you want to stay informed of someone’s daily activities on their phone? Ever wanted to read someone’s messages without having their phones? Well, we have a solution for you. All you need is an excellent, trustworthy spying app!

Cocopsy is here to make your life easier. It is the most trusted app and undoubtedly the best spying app available. Check out more information only on Clickfree.

The world is constantly excelling in higher technology advancements. Every little thing is possible to do with internet and software development at its core. You couldn’t track someone’s phone without letting them know some ten years back, could you?

With the advent of spying and hacking apps, it has become feasible to read someone’s text messages or go through their call logs without letting them know. There are several reasons to do so.

Parents usually like to stay updated on such apps if they have kids. Even employers use spying apps to track messages of the company owned phones. This is usually done so that confidential information is not let out.

While using spying apps, one is always concerned about assurity and safety. Cocospy gives you 100% discretion on all tracking activities you do on the target phone.

What is Cocospy?

Cocospy is a leading spy app and parental control utility. It’s trusted by millions and people from over 190+ countries use it. The user base comprises of parents, employers, and cyber security personnels.

Keep tabs on your employees, an eye on your children and the other on your partner using the one and only Cocospy. Being an established monitoring app, Cocospy is spread across five continents and is reviewed by many renowned media companies like CNET.

Keeping an eye on your children at the teen age becomes important for a parent. Parents are always concerned because kids get exposed to the real world. And for real problems, we have a real solution for you. Cocospy is highly praised for its parental control utility.

How to use Cocospy on the target phones?

Cocospy is the ultimate spying app for iOS devices. Cocosy iOS solution extracts the iCloud backup to know the target phone’s data. You are required to have the iCloud login credentials and enable the iCloud backup of the target iPhone.

The best thing about Cocospy is you don’t need jailbreak or software development download is required. Thus, Cocospy becomes the best suitable option for iPhone tracking.

For Android target device, you need to physically have access of the phone and install the Cocospy app on the target’s phone. It cannot be installed remotely. You need to finish some settings required after installing the app. Rooting for all features is not needed.

Cocospy helps in reading someone’s text messages without their phones on a James Bond level! Give it a try and visit this site to read someones text message free.

There are different pricing plans like premium, basic and family plans. You can opt according to your requirement. To use spying for one single device, the most popular plan is the premium one. Here is how to read someone’s messages without their phones using Cocospy:

  1. Type www.cocospy.com on your browser and signup. After creating a cocospy account, you will be a registered user.
  2. Go through the setup process after installing the app in case of Android. For iPhones, you don’t need to install the app. Simply enter the iCloud credentials of the target phone  and use Cocospy on any browser to monitor remotely.
  3. After the setup process, the wizard page will be redirected to the control panel dashboard. Enter the target’s phone number and you can thereby start using the functions and features of the app.
  4. Assure that the target phone is not powered off. Use all the features freely and flexibly using the control panel. The features are user-friendly and will allow you to read someone’s text messages without them knowing.

The Cocospy dashboard has all the features neatly arranged in order to start spying on someone’s messages. There are tabs like message monitor, social media monitor and keylogger that will help you read someone’s texts without their phones. You can access all these tabs from the control panel of the Cocospy dashboard.

One of the most legitimate, secure and useful app in terms of tracking, Cocopsy will lead you to your way smoothly. You can do a lot more than just read messages. Let’s take a look at the app’s features and the hype for it will be justified.


  1. Read messages – You can read all the incoming and outcoming messages of the target. The brilliant feature of Cocopsy is that it can retrieve deleted messages too. If the target’s phone is an iOS device, Cocospy can read iMessages.
  2. Call tracker – Who does your target call often? Cocospy shows you the time span and popular call logs of the target person.
  3. Track location – You can know if the target person has crossed a certain location boundary while using this app. It allows you to track the location of your target without them knowing. Cocopsy works with device’s in-built GPS which tells target’s exact location. It also has a unique feature called geofencing.
  4. Track FB, Instagram messages – Tracking social media and being able to read those messages can be tricky. Cocopsy is here to solve that problem too. Now you can easily track messages on social media apps and see what your target is writing and to who.
  5. Search browser history – One can know someone’s browser history through this app too. You can read the messages and also the passwords typed by the target. Say, your child is visiting an inappropriate website. You can easily know and block the address.


Besides these, there are many more security features like Viber spy, Stealth mode, track website history that Cocospy provides to its user. It’s an ultimate spy app, trusted by millions.

Cocospy is incredibly stealthy and assures its users 100% discretion. The keys remain hidden so that the user never finds out they are being tracked. This fantastic spy app is impossible to detect.

Another reason to opt for Cocopsy is it’s reasonable pricing. Other apps would empty your pockets by now but not this! Cocospy does what it does in the most commendable way, making it the leading spy app.

Cocospy gives you access to premium quality features including geofencing and GPS location tracking that get updated per second. There’s literally no reason to not choose it. Give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

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