How to Speed Up a Slow iPad?

Slow iPad

Are you struggling with a slow iPad? Have you tried reducing the background applications, yet the speed has not improved? This article shall help you combat against the slow iPad. A lagging iPad can be a real hurdle in the day to day activities. If you are a professional or a student, it can lead to major backlogs in your functioning.

Unlike the iPhones, iPads don’t get updated as soon as in 18 months. Since they are more durable, the chances of them lagging also increase over time. The sluggish response of the iPad can lead to frustration also. In such scenarios, the reboot will not be a feasible solution. Let us look at a few of the best solutions to speed up your iPad.

Steps to speed up your iPad

Having bought a new iPad, you must not be facing issues of lagging. If you have faced them, you should try out these 5 steps to improve the performance. After implementation, if the speed still doesn’t improve, you can sell new iPad and buy an upgraded one.

  • Say goodbye to cache:

An annoying part of the memory is that you cannot customize it to filter what to store. Cache memory ends up storing a large portion of the unimportant data. Clearing the cache increases the speed in a spectacular way. It is the basic step you must take to perfect your iPad performance.

  • Unload the unused:

It is no secret that no one uses all the applications installed on the iPad. After using it for a week or a month, it gets into oblivion, as we install another trendy application. It is a proven method to increase the speed of the iPad when you delete the unused applications from it. It can lead to excellent results, wherein the smooth performance will be satisfactory, without fail.

  • Go to the cloud portal:

iCloud should be your ultimate store of images and multimedia. Backing them up into the iCloud enhances the speed of the iPad. The golden gift which you get for free with an iPad is the cloud storage of 5 GB. You need to pay zero bucks to land on the cloud platform. Excellent performance can be leveraged as you can bank on the cloud too.

  • Say goodbye to background applications:

A blunder which is done by most of the iPad users is to keep the background application on. It is suggested to switch off the background applications after the use is over. This simple step can lead to saving a number of pills for blood pressure due to frustration arising from lagging iPad.

  • Restart all again:

If you have tried out all of the above and could not reach the desired results, prefer to remove all the data from the iPad. It is the last resort, using the factory settings, you can reboot the entire iPad. Ensure to back up all the data on your laptop before clicking on the factory reset. These five secrets will help you get your iPad’s speed back on track, in no time!