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Ignition App Download Tutorial for iOS 13

Joining the ranks of unofficial app installers is the Ignition app, offering Cydia tweaks, 3rd party apps and games, and much more. It’s all free, it is supported on iOS 13, and there’s no need to jailbreak.

How to Download Ignition App on iOS 13:

Downloading Ignition app on iOS 13 is dead simple, and all you need is your iPhone or iPad to do it:

  1. Open the Ignition download page using Safari browser
  2. Tap Download > Install
  3. When you see the icon on your homepage, the app is installed
  4. Open Settings > General > Profiles and tap on the Ignition profile
  5. Trust it and close Settings – Now you can use Ignition app

What is the Ignition App?

Released in 2017, Ignition app offers users an alternative app store, packed with iOS apps, modified games, tweaks, and much more. It’s all free, no jailbreak is needed, and it is fully supported on iOS 13. Inside, you will see app categories such as:

App Features:

Downloading the Ignition app onto your iOS device gives you these great features:

  • Speed – the developers offer fast app request actioning, app re-signing, and bug fixing. The team is spread across the world, and every time zone is covered for assistance.
  • User-Driven Library – any user can upload their own apps, and the developers are regularly adding new apps.
  • Customer Support – Via their Twitter account, the developers are available to help 24/7
  • Thousands of Apps – and more added regularly

Common Problems with Ignition

While Ignition is one of the most stable apps, not to mention reliable, some people have reported a couple of issues with the app. Luckily, all of them are very easy to resolve:

White/Blank Screen:

This looks far worse than it is and is easily solved:

  1. Launch iOS Settings and tap Safari
  2. Tap Clear Website Data

The screen will return to normal

Profile Installation Failed

If you get this error, it’s likely that Apple’s servers are struggling with traffic. Wait an hour or two and try again; if the issue persists, try this:

  1. Place your device into Airplane mode and launch your Settings app
  2. Tap on Safari>Clear History and Website Data
  3. Tap on Clear History and Website Data
  4. Close Settings, disable Airplane mode and wait a few minutes
  5. Try the installation steps again – the app should work again.

Fix Untrusted Developer Error

This is common with unofficial content; you need to trust the developer, here’s how:

  1. Launch Settings and go to General>Profiles
  2. Find the developer name (it was on the error message) and tap it
  3. Tap Trust, close settings and the app will work without error

How to Delete Ignition App:

Deleting the Ignition app is simple to do, and there are two reasons why you might want to do it. First, you can’t get on with the app, and, second, an error requires you to remove and reinstall Ignition. It will take less than a minute and won’t interfere with anything else on your device:

  1. Launch iOS Settings
  2. Tap Genera l> Profiles and find the App profile in the list
  3. Tap it, tap the Remove button and tap on Remove again
  4. Close Settings Ignition app is removed

Frequently Asked Questions:

There are two questions that are always being asked about the Ignition app, so read on for the answers to them:

Is Ignition App Safe?

Yes. First, because there is no need for a jailbreak, you can safely use the Ignition app on your device without worrying about breaking Apple’s security. Add to that not needing your Apple ID, and you have a very safe app. We tested it and can confirm it doesn’t contain any malware, viruses, or anything else that could harm your data.  It is ad-supported, but these are not a problem, and the app doesn’t take up much in the way of resources.

What is the Difference Between Ignition and ACMarket?

Not a great deal. Both ACmarket and Ignition app developers collaborated to ensure that, if one app doesn’t work for you, the other will. Both offer pretty much the same content too.

Ignition App is well worth trying and won’t cost you anything. Try it, see what you think, and feel free to share this.



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