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Is React Native Perfect for Your Mobile App?


React Native is a wonderful option to create Android as well as iOS apps that perform well on their individual platforms. It is increasing in popularity as it is a suitable solution for building cross-platform mobile applications with less burden on the budget.

Why should you use React Native?

React Native is known to be a framework that was developed by Facebook enabling to build natively rendered applications by making use of JavaScript. Here are a few reasons for considering React Native for your mobile app.

  •     Used and reliable: React Native was first built by Facebook for creating an excellent mobile app for its social platform. Many of us have used it on our     Smartphones when we browsed through our Facebook app. Since it has become open-source, a lot of companies have made up their mind to bet on it and thus create their apps like this. Some famous React Native apps other than Facebook are Instagram, Skype, Bloomberg, Walmart, etc. So you can consider putting your own app in such a     company as it would not be a bad idea.
  •     Single codebase for two platforms: React Native will help you in creating a single codebase that will work on not only the Android platform but also on iOS. It will both work and compile to native Java along with Swift code. It will be creating a bridge between web UI component as well as their native     Java or Swift counterpart. So just give a thought to your software project’s implications. There is no such requirement for two development teams for the two platforms. Also no need for synchronizing features along with layouts. Develop faster as well as get more out of the set budget.
  •     Make use of the language that you are aware of: With less exclusive knowledge you can create React Native apps. You can have anyone in your team who is able to program in JavaScript, specifically in ReactJS. You can easily find JS developer than those who have Java or Swift skills. Frontend developers who have never used React     Native, they will also be able to learn it quickly with a little self-education, mostly if they have already used React. You will need some help from Google for finding out which web component corresponds with which particular mobile component and you will be ready.
  •     Expanding well: React Native is getting actively developed. Facebook along with the huge community around React Native are working constantly to improve its framework. If you are unable to solve any problem immediately as     React Native has no such solution for it, in some months it might be a different situation. For example, Microsoft marked React Native and promoted them for creating their own React Native for Windows. It lets developers create apps for Windows 10 and Xbox one more easily.

React Native is never only a way for the web developer to get into native applications. It is a strong tool that is evolving constantly and also maintained by a prominent community. As it evolves it will need a lot of support from all native developers. It still has much room for improvement but it will a great selection if anyone wishes to create an app with the native feel and thus save resources while building React Native app development company in Bangalore.