Mobile Apps all College Students Must Have

Nowadays a mobile device is a recognized study buddy for students. There are oodles of free and user-friendly apps designed specifically with learners in mind. You should take advantage of these amazing tools that save your time, effort, and budget. Here is our quick list of the most helpful apps we’ve tested.

1.     BenchPrep

Are you looking for a library with study materials and test databases? BenchPrep interactive course app is the best choice to consider. It offers hundreds of flashcards, college courses, and practice questions. You should also check their test banks for MCAT, LSAT, and GMAT. In this way, you will have some idea of what to expect during the actual test. Forewarned is forearmed.


First-year students often find themselves confused with academic terminologies, especially if the subject itself is new and they haven’t encountered anything similar in high school. Using this dictionary app, they can look up all the words’ definitions. It also provides antonyms, synonyms, origins, and examples of the contest for over two million words. If you want to have a reliable pocket dictionary, consider this convenient app.

3.     PaperHelp

Getting all the paperwork done within a strict deadline can be very stressful for new students. Inadvertently, they fail to do everything on time or forget about some minor writing tasks.

Coping with such desperate cases is the main purpose of this app. PaperHelp can also help you with proofreading and correcting any mistakes in your writing. Aside from the mobile app, there is a website, which you can access at

4.     EasyBib

Getting citations right used to be a time-consuming and tedious task. Sometimes you would have one citation style for your thesis and another one for a journal publication, so reformatting them manually was a royal pain.

EasyBib is an example of automation done right. This app helps with putting your citations in order. It automatically generates citations in APA, Chicago, and MLA styles from the list of your sources. You will need to scan the bar code of the book or type in the title to put it on the list but everything else is done just in one click.

5.     Evernote

To keep your notes and your life organized, there is no better app than Evernote. You can download and install it on two devices for free. Moreover, you can sign in to your account through the browser without installation on any number of computers. You can write anywhere and anytime – everything is kept in the cloud and is synchronized automatically.

Evernote is versatile and it’s a helpful feature in the hectic life of a new student. You can jot down notes, save snaps, links, and quotes from your clipboard and organize everything later. Aside from these features, it also allows collaboration within teams, so you can use it for your group projects.

6.     Brainscape

Brainscape app helps to boost your cognitive powers with the help of flashcards and interactive tests. You can choose various ready-made study materials across different subjects in the app’s database. Moreover, you can use tests and flashcards templates to add your own materials and use them to revise before the exams.

7.     LitCharts

When it comes to literature, it’s difficult to find a great source of unbiased information. After all, works by some authors have wildly varying interpretations. This app offers a collection of best resources available: relevant summaries, reviews, quote, discussions on literature-related topics, and insights with the specific stories and bibliographies of the legendary authors.

8.     Tiny Scanner

With this little app, you can scan anything with your phone and save it as a PDF file, which you can later edit, highlight and transform into text that you can copy and paste anywhere. This is particularly handy when you need to add a lengthy quote to your essay but don’t want to retype it word by word from the paperback.

9.     Todoist

This app ensures that you always stay on top of everything that must be done. Todoist helps you stay organized and plan everything from major projects to little chores. It is a task manager on steroids: you can create the main task followed by subtasks and subprojects. It is convenient especially for tracking many tasks that might be related to each other in unexpected ways.

10.  RealCalc Scientific Calculator

If you study Math at college, you probably need something beefier than your average calculator app coming by default with any device. RealCalc has great features that support the algebraic operations, percentages, unit conversions, decimals to binary, octal, and hexadecimal, degrees, engineering calculations, and more.

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