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Top 15 Mobile App Plug-Ins in 2020 that will make your App Successful

Amongst the crowd of mobile app development tools, it will be a challenging task to pick up the best ones. We know that you are unaware of the app development process. Thus, you may find it a bit complicated. However, if you know the right plug-ins, it will help you to craft your app smoothly.

Here is a list of best plug-ins in 2020 that may help you create an efficient app.

1. Cascade gallery mobile app plug-in

Incorporating the Cascade gallery plug-in into your app will help you make your app successful. With the aid of this plug-in, you can display images, where they are surrounded by five customizable rings. Once you display the image, it will transform into a crafted gallery that consists of responsive images. A lot of restaurant apps use this plug-in. Besides, they use the gallery to display various things such as happy hour, menu, lunch, and numerous other things. And the featured image showcases the logo of the company.

2. Google slides mobile app plug-in

Google slide is one of the most convenient ways to include images as well as information into your app. Google slide encompasses a considerable variety of presentation themes. Also, this plug-in comes with a considerable number of animations, fonts, and a feature to include videos in your slideshows. Another exciting feature of this plug-in is that it is free to use.

3. WebView

WebView is one of the unique plug-ins that bridges the gap between mobile websites and mobile apps. Using WebView, you can externally link online content, while maintaining the experience of a native app.

4. Home Page Grid Layout

Your homepage design is one of the most vital factors when it comes to the success of your app. You have to make sure that your homepage looks professional as well as clean. Besides, there should be no issue with its efficiency as well. With this plug-in, you can tailor a responsive homepage with a customizable design.

Moreover, this plug-in is perfectly compatible with e-commerce, blog, and portfolio. Also, it is a developer-friendly plug-in that all the android and iOS app developers can use effortlessly.

5. YouTube

One of the best ways to make your app successful is by incorporating videos in it. Hence, syncing your app with YouTube will be a good decision. No other way is more straightforward than this one when it comes to leveraging video into your app.

6. Questionnaire

With this plug-in, you can increase the user engagement level in your app. You can create survey polls and quizzes with this plug-in to get the user-feedback. Mostly, educators choose this app plug-in, and use it as the tool for study materials and practice tests.

Furthermore, in terms of design, the Questionnaire plug-in ensures superb performance and high standard quality. Thus, integrate this plugin-in into your app and start analyzing user behaviors.

7. Drip Notification

When you need to send push notifications to your app users, you have to deploy this plug-in. While the user has not opened the mobile app for some days, the plug-in helps send notifications. You may decide on when to activate the message. With every drip, you can adjust your message. Thus, the app user will learn more about the functions and features of the app.

8. Large Icon Home Page

If you have chosen it, you may use it as your app’s home folder. Whatever be the type of your mobile app, you may use this plug-in. Besides, it is one of the premium plug-ins for mobile app development. However, you will get it with minimal investment.

9. Time Release Content

To add a unique and attractive design element to the mobile app, this plug-in is the best choice. It helps in scheduling content for a particular date and time. Based on your set time, the app content will be available to users. This plug-in is also useful for app features, categories, and other app elements.

Professional app developers use this plug-in to build restaurant apps to release real-time discounts and menu specials. Similarly, writers may also prefer this app plug-in to release a book chapter at a time.

10. File Manager

From the name, File Manager, you can easily guess that it is something related to the mobile app file. The user-friendly interface helps with the easy organization of files with different parameters, like lists. This plug-in has a range of use cases.

For instance, you may apply it to your app for the training videos, contracts, invoices, and orientation packages. However, irrespective of the purpose of your use, the plug-in never compromises your app design.

11. Optimized Format Media RSS Feed

While developing a mobile, optimization is one of the significant factors. We always like to add a range of elements into our app, and finally, we find an adverse effect on the performance due to the improper implementation. Therefore, the plug-in, like Optimized Format Media RSS Feed, will be useful for you. It will optimize your app content automatically and display elements in a readable and standardized format.

12. Google Sheets

Google Sheets are not something new to us, and now, we can use Google Sheets as the plug-in for app design. To create a data-intensive platform, the plug-in refines the app design with interactive charts and graphs. You can find a better display of numerical figures.

Moreover, the plug-in has some built-in pivot tables, formulas, and other conditional formatting systems. In most cases, developers choose the plug-in for consumer apps and eCommerce apps.

13. Webview Popup Service

Created by Pixel Plugins, Webview Popup Service is one of the alternatives to Webview. Nevertheless, we have not found a noticeable difference between them. If users open the app, the plug-in will automatically display external links. While checking the app’s backend design, you can notice only a few variations.

Besides, Webview Popup Service is a premium plug-in available at a lower price.

14. Contact Us

A contact form is a must in every app, and thus, you may use this plug-in to add contact details, including emails, phone numbers, and social profiles.

Furthermore, the plug-in is the right choice for information, like physical locations and hours of operations.

15. Real-time chat

To add the live chat feature to the app, you can choose this plug-in. App users may also engage in the group chat with this plug-in. Mostly, workforce apps have this feature to trigger communication among employees.

Professionals providing Android and iOS app development services prefer this plug-ins to offer you with a functional product. The choice of the right plug-ins enables users to use the app seamlessly. Thus, hire the best app developers from a reputed android and iOS app development company for your business needs.

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Rushabh Patel is Founder and CEO of Siddhi InfoSoft, a iOS App Development Company focused on creating experiences that connect, perform & inspire. We believe in delivering perfect business solutions by adopting the latest.


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