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BIGO LIVE is a Singapore-based live video streaming app. Since its inception in 2014, the app has grown to become a top-grossing app and one of the most downloaded video streaming apps in the world. BIGO LIVE now has a presence in about 150 countries worldwide. Its broad demographic of users makes it a dynamic social live streaming app space.

Here are some of the distinct features of the app:

  1. An Ever-Growing User Base

With an ever-increasing global user base, BIGO LIVE is growing at a rate faster than average with over 400 million active users. It mainly has a massive presence across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas.

In Asia, its market is split across three major zones. In Southeast Asia, there is BIGO LIVE Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia; in Eastern Asia, there is BIGO LIVE Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan; in Southern Asia, there is BIGO LIVE India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

BIGO LIVE exists across the middle east in Egypt and Saudi Arabia; in the Americas, the US and in Europe, Russia, and the UK. BIGO LIVE continues to expand in different parts of the world as its user base grows.

  1. A Safe App Environment

BIGO LIVE fosters a safe environment guided by user policies and a community convention. These documents inform users about the platform and acceptable conduct on the app, the terms of content production, and the app owners’ responsibilities to app members.

BIGO LIVE’s community rules border on conduct, speech, attire, and privacy. If a member flouts the rules laid down by the app, they get BIGO LIVE banned. BIGO LIVE bans can either be a temporary suspension or outright termination.

  1. Different Broadcasting Modes

BIGO LIVE allows both broadcasters and viewers to enjoy quality live streaming. Some of the content that’s streamed on the platform include comedy, dancing, singing, and education. However, what sets BIGO LIVE apart is the different broadcasting options it provides on the app. These options include:

  • Live Streaming: Here, every user has an equal opportunity to showcase their talents to the very active users on the BIGO LIVE platform. Broadcasters get virtual gifts from their followers.
  • Live Video Chat: Friends and family can organize 1 to 1 video chats or extend it to 9 members using the multi-guest room option. You can even initiate a call with random persons using the match up function in the app.
  • Live Competition: Player versus player competition can be held in the BIGO LIVE app. These are called PKs. Here, two broadcasters go head-to-head to see who gets the most virtual gifts from their followers. It’s popular with the more established broadcasters on the platform. Moreover, new broadcasters have also gained life-changing opportunities from this app.
  1. Social Interactions

The social aspect of the BIGO LIVE app contributes greatly to its immersive experience. The crux of the social aspect of the app is the broadcaster and follower interaction. The app fosters social interaction via the following ways:

  • Live Chat: This is a general-purpose chat box for all viewers to react to a live stream they are watching. The live chat allows both viewers and broadcasters to interact via text and emojis.
  • Guest Live: This is the option where a fan who wishes to be featured in a broadcaster’s live stream requests for it during the show. More popular broadcasters often have a large pool of guest live requests to choose from, which makes it special for users who are picked.
  • Fans Ranking: The BIGO LIVE app daily ranks broadcaster fans on an all-time basis. The rankings are based on how well these fans relate with their favorite broadcasters. Fans can get a privileged position by getting a VIP membership on the platform.
  1. In-App Purchases And Reward Systems

The free and basic version of the BIGO LIVE app is completely ad-free. This makes the app enjoy wide acclaim among users.

In-app purchases on the app cater to the financial gap created by the app’s ad-free policies. These purchases allow users to convert their fiat money to Diamonds in the app. Members can then use the Diamonds credited to them to either purchase virtual gifts for broadcasters, or use them to attain VIP membership. VIP memberships come with chat priority during live streams and extra cosmetic effects in the app.

Broadcasters who receive virtual gifts from fans get credited Beans on a 1:1 basis with the Diamonds spent by fans. Broadcasters have the option to choose between cashing out their Beans with a minimum amount of 6700 Beans, or earn enough to buy Diamonds to purchase or renew VIP membership for themselves.


BIGO LIVE isn’t any regular live streaming app. It’s in use globally, with over 400 million active users. Its user policies and community guidelines protect both the app’s users as well as the owner company.

The social interactions and varied modes of creating and consuming content on the platform contribute to its immersive experience. BIGO LIVE tops it off by rewarding users and broadcasters in different ways.


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