The never-ending battle between WhatsApp and Telegram has been upsetting the social industry for a while now as people argue on the best of the best. While WhatsApp is still the indisputable messaging app between the two, Telegram has proven to give it a run for its money. The primary reason why WhatsApp is leading is that it was the first-ever free and quick messaging service for many people around the world and, therefore, carries a massive user base.

Not long ago, WhatsApp was acquired by the most popular social network, Facebook, and thereafter, it tried to integrate many features similar to other social media applications. With such strategies, WhatsApp won the favor of more online social fanatics because it was transformed from a simple messaging platform to one of the most exquisite messaging apps with amazing features.

While most users have grown to adapt and fall in love with the newly added features and characters, it has slightly complicated things for those who want to use WhatsApp simply for meaningful communication. For this reason, another giant messenger app came into the picture – Telegram.

Is Telegram better than WhatsApp?

Telegram is a simple and exquisite cross-platform messaging app that focusses on the security of the conversation first. The app also comes pre-installed with some fantastic features such as the programmable bots that allow every user to dictate or customize their communication with others. If you’re looking for a gateway out of the monotonous lifestyle of WhatsApp or interested in a bit of privacy encryption, then Telegram is the app for you.

The app, Telegram, has put more emphasis on the privacy of users and thus earned its fame due to such message encryption. Even though the app isn’t top 5 among the most popular messengers with only about 200 million users, it is considered the fastest and safest messaging service available. Such qualities give this platform an Oscar-worthy rating because it does and hides much more than what others can possibly do.

Large group conversations

Unlike other messaging services that put narrow limits on the number of groups that can be created and the number of participants or members, Telegram aims to break such barriers. With the Telegram app, one is capable of creating up to 200 supergroups of their own. Each group can hold a maximum of about 1000 participants.

Some channels are technically broadcasting to a much larger audience. These channels can be created either private or public in which public channels have their username and can be searched as well as joined by any Telegram user online. On the other hand, a private channel can only be joined upon approval of request or through an invite.

The channels can hold up to about 100,000 participants, and when one sends a message through them, it is sent through their names. It is even possible for a user to edit sent messages in these channels.

Telegram bots

If you’ve never heard or experienced such, you need not worry because Telegram bots aren’t a complicated or sophisticated feature. They are Telegram accounts established to perform specific tasks, and each bot comes with its own set of commands as well as features. For example, the @Storebot is used to search for more fantastic bots while the @Pollbot is suitable for creating polls in various groups.

There are many different and exciting bots on Telegram for you to explore from the Telegram bot store or searched directly from the app.

Multi-device access

This is a fantastic feature that comes with using the Telegram app. Because of the spectacular cloud-based sync feature, the app supports multi-device sessions allowing you to chat on one device and continue with the same conversation on another.

All the messages are synced between every device in real-time thus, making it fast and efficient. It is even possible to check on your active sessions in Telegram to know the devices in which your account is active.

File-sharing of up to 1.5 GB

How crazy does that sound? Telegram offers a mind-blowing file-sharing ability that cannot be matched by any other messaging apps. Even with the file-sharing app, you’d have to maintain a close distance with the recipient when sending any file. However, with Telegram, you can send almost any file like documents, PDF, mp3, mp4, and so much more.

Send files of up to an outstanding 1.5 GB to a recipient who’s across the globe from you, unlike WhatsApp, where you’re limited to a minimum of 100 MB for documents and 16 MB for media.

Secret Chat

The “Secret Chat” feature in Telegram allows you to have conversations with end-to-end encryption, among many other security options. In such a chat, one cannot take screenshots or forward any message and also has a self-destruct timer that destroys your messages after a specified period.

Edit messages

Have you ever sent a risky text to someone or a typo to which you’d really want to edit before the recipient reads it? Well, you’re in luck because with Telegram, you can edit messages sent by pressing hold on any message you may have to send and click on the “edit” option to fix your text.

Lock chats and hide last seen for specific chats

Telegram allows you to hide your last seen just like WhatsApp, but the plot twist comes in when you can even hide your last seen from a specific contact or chat instead of everyone. You can also lock your chats using the passcode feature, preventing anyone from accessing your personal messages.

What about WhatsApp mods?

While WhatsApp is considered the most popular instant messaging service online with several excellent features, there are some limitations to it like Stickers, themes, colours, wallpapers, and many others.

This, therefore, creates the need and development of some modified forked versions of WhatsApp to help cater to these missing features from the original app. If you would like to try any WhatsApp Mod, then we recommend installing fmwhatsapp on android devices for the secondary account. In this way, we can use two accounts in one smartphone.

These and many other mods are unique versions of the original WhatsApp messenger and aim to provide better and an expansive range of features that may be missing from the original version.


It is entirely clear that Telegram tends to offer a better experience as compared to WhatsApp due to its privacy and security measures, as well as tons of other unique features. You might, however, feel left out because most of your family, friends or colleagues use WhatsApp messenger more, but giving Telegram a try would be worth convincing others to get it.


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