Link Building Strategies

2019 is coming to an end. And, businesses are already revamping their strategies for 2020. What works now may not work for the future. This has been the motto we have been hearing from preschool.

And, it is no different for link building. Google “the ultimate king of search engine”, makes numerous changes in a year. And, the so called Goblin hammers thousands of businesses each year which results in their downfall. The reason most likely is related with “backlinks.”

So, to bulletproof your assets, we are here to offer 3 techniques that will ensure your business gets a better foundation as well as skips any updates Google has to offer.

Start with a linkable content

So what exactly is linkable content?

A linkable content is the asset of your business that has a natural tendency of generating backlinks. There are many aspects of content that makes it linkable. It can be specifically targeted tool for your niche.

This is where Neil Patel from Quicksprout does it really well. He has a custom seo report tool in Quicksprout. And, now it also has acquired UberSuggest which is another brilliant keyword research tool. These free tools does help Neil get extra edge over its competitors. If you can’t develop the tool, you can always take help of any Freelance sites like Upwork or just hire a professional developer.

If you are in a tech biz, building a relevant tool can be a great source of links. I have seen many theme review sites tapping into the theme business it self. It not only creates a plethora of links but also extra bucks for the business.

So, research your niche and find the missing piece. Give something to the industry that they would be reluctant to link it to you.

Guest Post will never die

In 2012, when Google hit hard on backlinks, everyone thought guest posts was dead. But trust me Google never claimed that it was!

It’s what the so called experts made you believe. Google overhauled its system to track down the manipulation of its system. And, the aggressively built backlink profile was punished. Trust me, you will never be penalised for doing just guest post alone. It’s how you build your backlink and anchor text profile that matter.

I myself have relied on guest posts to not only get the words out but also get those juicy object known as backlinks. And, guest post has been at the core of many businesses like Buffer who published over 300 guest posts.


Citation are the first thing you must do as an SEO when you are taking up a small business. These are your Yelp, Yellow Pages, and similar. Citation sources can not only help you with enormous referral traffic, it can also build an optimum organic traffic through Google.

Consistency in the NAP and good reviews are the prime factors for ranking in Google My Business. And, the sites that rank in GMB has a healthy chance of ranking organically in search results as well.

Skyscraper Technique

You must have seen this coming. Founder of Backlinko, Biran Dean made this technique famous. And, to be honest, this strategy does work in most niche.

The idea is simple:

Find a popular topic in the niche that hasn’t been well written.

Make it better by covering information from different angles. Most of the time the content is made better by adding more meat in the content.

And, reach out to the prospects that had already link to your competitors.

Google loves content and there are SEO experts who have outranked many big companies with just brilliant content. So, Skyscraper technique is certainly here to stay.

The digital marketing landscape is changing. And, with Google focusing more on user experience, the tweaks in the system and core updates are eminent. To survive its wrath, we as SEO experts must always be up in the feet. And, building a sound backlink profile with the above 4 strategies is the best way to go about the business.



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