Websites continue to be the best way to promote or start an online business on the Internet. It has the potential to help a business earn revenue along with high conversion rates.

There can be a good chance that a competitor’s website is already ranked higher in the search results. Therefore, it is important to optimize your website with the help of SEO.

For this, there are certain methods and procedures to make your site rank higher in the search results. One of the most common strategies that you can implement is Guest Blogging.

What is Guest Blogging?

Also known as Guest Posting, it is the form of writing or contributing content for related websites and blogs. Guest blogging continues to be one of the best ways to earn quality backlinks for your content.

Search engines use the number of backlinks as a factor to rank your site higher when compared to the competitors. Additionally, this will help you to build quality relationships and get in touch with various influential aspects on the Internet.

How can Guest Blogging benefit you?

  1. Reach your Target Audience Directly.
  2. Increase your Online Presence and Personal Network.
  3. Improve your Social Media presence.
  4. Building Trust among your Targeted Audience.
  5. Strengthen your Backlink Profile.
  6. Increase Brand Exposure and Awareness.
  7. Drive quality traffic towards your website.
  8. Establish your Authority on Search Engines.

Ordinarily, Guest blogging is done by users to earn quality backlinks which will redirect the view to a respective website. This way, it can help the website to gain a high conversion rate and rank them higher in search results.

Accordingly, users will be able to connect and collaborate with other bloggers and influencers. This will help in capturing a larger audience and build their own authority as a website, brand or business.

Moreover, one can benefit from increased traffic on their site through the backlinks created by Guest blogging. Although it is a time-consuming process, it is one of the best practices of SEO for any website or business.

Back in 2014, Google had declared that Guest blogging will become an outdated practice and not be considered as an SEO practice. However, this has been proven wrong and it continues to be one of the best ways to promote and optimize a website.

How is Guest Blogging done?

There are the easiest steps that you can implement if you are willing to write or create a guest post. These steps have been mentioned in the following section. Make sure that you follow them accordingly.

Step 1 – Find a Blog for Guest Posting

First, you need to find genuine blogs or websites that allow others to write guest posts on their platform. This can be a rigorous process as not all websites allow users to post on their website.

Moreover, guest blogging should be done on a medium scale and for popular websites. Writing guest posts for a new or bad blog will mark your content as spam and will be ignored by the search engines.

Here are the ways that can help you to find a relevant blog or website.

  1. Search on Google – You can use various search tools to narrow down your search and find the relevant website. For instance, you can use the following keywords to easily search for sites that accept guest blogging.
  • “guest post” “your primary domain”
  • “Your domain” inurl:contributors
  • “Your field” inurl:authors
  • intitle:”guest post” “your domain”
  • Inurl:”your domain” “contributor”
  1. Search on Social Media – One of the best ways to find popular websites is through LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Most guest post authors share their works on social media platforms. Therefore, you can explore and note down these sites.
  1. Reverse Engineer Competitor’s backlinks – Another great way to find great platforms is by looking up your competitor’s website or content. You can use online tools like Ahrefs and understand where they have earned their backlinks from. Thereafter, you can note down and do the same.


Step 2 – Generate Content Ideas

Thereafter, you need to come up with amazing content for guest blogging. The best way to do this is by looking up your competitors and studying their content. Thereafter, you can generate new ideas in various ways.

The first technique is to study the content and break it down into further subtopics. This way, you can create a guest post by focusing on any one of these subheadings.

Accordingly, you can study the content and identify its missing information or mistakes. Then, you can write better content as compared to it. Hence, the website owners will be interested to post them on their own platform.

Alternatively, you can look at the same topic from a different perspective. This is a common way to write and generate content for guest blogging. Additionally, it will be easier to create backlinks for your own content as they will be related to each other.

Step 3 – Contact the Website or Blog

Do contact the site owner for pitching your Guest Post. Find their contact details from the site and send them an email or message. Make sure that your message or mail is short and to the point.

Tell them how you can contribute to their site and what topics you are covering. After that, reach out to as many websites as you can. It is important to note that you may not get a reply from the majority of them. This shouldn’t stop you from trying. You should keep on trying until your post is accepted on one of the sites.

Common Guest Blogging Problems with Solutions

Generally, there are a number of users and competitors trying to post their content on other websites or blogs. This is one of the common reasons for delays and non-communication.

Let’s get to the core and enlist the common problems faced by guest posters on a daily basis. This will help to mitigate them by implementing proper strategies.

No Reply from Site Owners

At any point in time, many users like you are trying to get in touch with a popular site owner or blogger. Therefore, it is possible that your request may not be acknowledged.

In such cases, you should keep on trying by contacting other sites as well. Try to focus on a medium scale and popular blogs for guest posting.

Do not pitch your guest posts to new or spam websites. This will spoil your own content as the backlinks will be ignored by the search engines.

Backlinks Removed from Guest Post

In some cases, site owners will remove any backlinks if your site is new or fresh. Therefore, your guest post will not have any way of redirecting internet traffic to your website.

Here, you can create backlinks for other guest posts on a different site. The chances are that these links will not be removed and traffic will be diverted through a two-way process. However, the majority of the traffic can get misplaced in between.

Lengthy Negotiations

Another common problem faced by users is the time taken during communication. Some negotiations can take days, weeks and even months. You can either wait for the deal to be finalized or try some other website. The key factor here is to keep trying and to be polite about it. Do not be rude or spam the owner’s mail account with your request.

A great Initiative to optimize a website or content

Along with Guest Blogging, there are a lot of other practices that you can adopt to optimize your website. So, engage some time and glance through the simple guide to SEO for your landing page to know more about optimizing web pages.

These techniques will help your site to rank higher in the search results and increase web traffic over a short period of time. Although the results are not instantaneous, Guest Blogging indeed proves to be a powerful method.


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