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Link Building And Other Tactics That Ensures Maximum Gain From Email Marketing

Link Building

You can post a lot of articles and blogs and have a very well-designed website but the traffic to it may not be just as you require or desire to have. However, with a bit more strategic planning, you can easily raise the number of organic footfalls on your site. One such productive way is by focusing more on email marketing.

Yes, you heard it right: email marketing!

Well, you may have the same idea as most of the people thinking that gone are the days of email marketing. This however, is a very wrong concept. Email is not going anywhere and will continue to provide the results as it has been doing from the ‘ancient’ time.

Even better, you will have a larger number of traffic to your site if you integrate Instagram into it. Most of the businesses today use both email and Instagram marketing together so as to double their prospects of reaching out to more and more people and gain a lot of traffic to their sites.

This means, you will have to follow the requirements of both these forms of marketing, especially Instagram marketing because it will make the other work as it is desired.

Link building is the key

No matter how well you design Instagram marketing and email marketing separately, it is required to make sure that both of it works well together and complements each other. This will ensure a better result.

The best way to do so is by building a link with your site. You may host a suitable link to website. This link when incorporated into your email lead the user to your site when they click the given link.

This will in the process reduce your excessive dependence on search engines like Google.

  • You can request your partners and vendors to link to your website.
  • You can enter marketplaces to showcase your range of products and services and
  • You can even link to your site in the description area.

Another way of building links is to develop other websites that provide information related to your product or industry. For example:

  • You can create a separate website that is educational and provide information to the users
  • You can then add links in it to lead the readers to your main website.


With proper link building, you will not have to rely on the different online search engines like google to gain traffic to your site. This is because the users will not have to leave the site or leave the page in order to visit your website. They can do it so directly from the Instagram page itself.

Positive PR techniques

Both for online and offline you should follow positive PR techniques. When it comes to PR, jut any form of publicity is considered to be good as afar a generating traffic towards the site is concerned. However, because you are more concerned in growing your business, it is imperative that you follow only positive PR techniques because when it is done correctly this can prove to be the most effective marketing technique that can yield better and long-term results.

You can use this principle in different aspects such as:

  • If you launch a new product or a service
  • Making ab announcement of an upcoming contest or giveaway held by you or
  • If you want to expand your outreach

A professional PR established for both online and offline publishing will make your consumers happy to feel that they are valued and you pay attention to their needs and queries.

Since positive create positives, your positive HR technique will also bring in more positive minded people to your site. However, if you want to draw more attention with PRs, then make sure that these are:

  • Interesting and
  • Newsworthy.

It can also be submitted online through website like PRWeb. You may also host meetups so that you can draw more, if not the total, attention of the audience to the activities of your company.

Also make sure that all the visitors have a wonderful time because there is nothing more memorable than something that visitors enjoy to do. For example, you can:

  • Offer games for children
  • Offer free food
  • Provide giveaways that has your company logo and website link printed on them.

If the users and visitors are satisfied, you will not have to buy real Instagram likes because they will be encouraged enough to click on the links and visit your site to know more about your brand and product.

If you can provide satisfactory information and prove the usefulness of your product to the readers, they will make a buying decision as well as sign up with your email list so that they can now get info about new product, promotions, discounts and offers directly through mail.

With a significant open rate of emails, it will be easier for you to convey your message in a much better and more personalized manner.  Just make sure that you send these at the right time and is more appealing to sign up.


In this day and time, the internet plays a significant role and has become an integral part both in the personal life as well as for business use. Online and social media marketing is facilitated by the internet along with email marketing becoming more effective.

  • Several people use internet to get online to search for different products and information regarding it.
  • The internet offers both businesses and marketers immense opportunities to maximize their productivity and at the same time optimize their profits.
  • It has also enabled them to stay within and ahead of the competition which is seen in almost every other industry whether it is fashion or retail business.

Therefore, it is most important today that you utilize internet to the maximum and use every possible method and sources to draw more traffic to your site. When you use email marketing as a part of your internet or social media marketing strategy, you will be even better off.

Author bio: Maria Jones is a social media marketing specialist who has worked with several startups, small businesses and helped them also launch effective campaigns to boost their overall online presence and visibility.



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