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SEO Factor London Review

Worried about the slow response on your new blog? Not getting enough views to your website? A simple solution to increase traffic diversion to your blog post is Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO. It determines the position of website links or blog posts in the search result of a search engine, whether it is Safari, Google, Firefox, or any other search engine.

Search Engine Optimization and Web Positioning

First thing first, a website that has the highest position in the search engine pulls the most traffic. The most effective method of getting your website up is by advertising the web content strategically so that your business reaches every potential customer on the web.

Web positioning is a multi-process activity demanding regular competition analysis, and addition of external and internal link, keywords and key phrases to maintaining a certain word density in your blogs.

The exact algorithm Google utilizes to control the relevance of the search results is unknown. However, with rigorous analysis and testing, SEO specialists can determine how to promote and position a page in global and local search engine results. Maintaining the position is a continuous process, which is why clients generally outsource this activity to agencies like SEO Factor London.

Website Design and Development

Websites are the foundation of a business. If a website is designed and coded properly, it will receive visitors regularly. Website design and development is the job of Graphic Designer and Webmaster. The majority of web developers use ready-made themes, while some undertake the page designing process differently. Instead of using templates for graphic sketches, they design pages from scratch after conducting market research and analyzing competitor’s web pages for inspiration. Tailor-made websites give the client freedom of changing the color scheme, content layout, and branding material and bring everything in-sync.

Once the graphics are approved, the webmaster transfers it to a code understandable by the web browser, commonly done in HTML5 and PHP. Then the functionality of the code is checked at the client’s environment. From the end user’s perspective, the key is to ensure the pages load quickly, and the website is secured and does not require external plug-ins. A good webmaster incorporates SEO function at the design stage, so that the optimization is possible at later stages as well, without needing an extra effort. Incorporating SEO is a crucial design feature for google advertisements and web positioning. A CMS (client management system) is a user-friendly tool for clients to manage future design changes, web content, etc.

SEO Factor London provides services all over the UK. The designs are user-friendly, modern, and made from scratch; they comply with the web and google standards.

For as long as the web content is receiving continuous visitors, the website gets promoted. A greater number of visitors is an opportunity entrepreneurs tap for building their business’s image, reaching out to new audiences, all for generating greater revenue and growing faster than competitors. SEO Factor London advises clients like you with SEO Services, page positioning and helps create a unique website design and e-commerce platform in the UK. For more information visit


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