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SEO for 2021: What Are the Upcoming Trends?

If there’s one thing to know about SEO, it’s the fact that it constantly changes. The approaches used before are no longer relevant now. It’s due to Google’s algorithms. They constantly get modified due to the people who try to abuse the system. Google aims to provide people searching for information exactly what they need. When some companies try to abuse SEO strategies, their content might end up being on top when it’s not what people want to see. It could damage the reputation of Google in the process. Hence, it makes sense for these approaches to change constantly. For 2021, there are looming trends that everyone needs to understand. They could be a game-changer in how to approach SEO in the future. But there is no need to worry about it as you can count on with bill lentis boston in resolving this issue and help you understand deeper about how SEO. The good thing is that with the help of an SEO company, applying these trends wouldn’t be an issue.

The use of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence impacted various fields, but it could have an even larger role in SEO in the future. Google developed RankBrain to help filter search engine results. It has the ability to understand signals and process information. We are yet to see the outsized impact of artificial intelligence, but it could affect how SEO works in the future. Capturing RankBrain is the best way to rank higher in search engines moving forward.

Using voice search

There’s a projection that at least 55% of homes in the USA will use a smart speaker by 2022. It’s a game-changer since most people will rely on their voices to look for information. With the rise of technological innovations such as Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa, there should be more focus on optimizing voice search. The primary difference is how people use phrases and words to look for information. For instance, when using their voices, a person will probably use a complete sentence. Instead of typing “new clothes for men,” someone would say, “What are the new clothes for men?” An abbreviation is common when typing keywords but are rather awkward when using voice search.

Mobile-friendliness could be everything

There was a time when most people use their laptops and desktops to search for information and do other essential activities like banking and shopping. These days, everything can happen on the phone. Therefore, SEO strategies also depend on the mobile-friendliness of the website. Soon, the mobile version will become the primary version instead of the desktop option. Google will start to push pages that aren’t too friendly to mobile device users. There’s also a projection that by 2025, up to 73% of all Internet users will rely only on their phones for information. The good thing is that an SEO company can help in this regard since they understand the trend well.

The EAT principle stays

The use of the EAT principle has been around for a while. EAT stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. This acronym is crucial when determining web content. When people search for information, they want to see if the page has everything they need. Otherwise, it’s easy for them to skip the page and look for other options.

To ensure that the page guarantees expertise, the content needs to provide deep research. It should also be valuable to users. When reading the content, the reader must feel that the writer knows the ideas discussed. The same strategy could apply to authoritativeness. To be trustworthy, users should see that the company tries to understand them. For instance, if the primary audiences are younger people, the focus should be on using videos for content. Older audiences might prefer reading in detail. There are plenty of ways to establish the EAT principle, and the idea continues to hold relevance even in 2021.

Longer articles will become more popular

It might seem counterintuitive to publish longer articles at a time when memes and gifs reign supreme. The truth is that people will eventually realize the level of disinformation they get out of these shortened versions. They will crave for something more. Triangulation will also become the norm. For people to believe in what they read, they will compare it with other sources. If they see something inconsistent or inaccurate, they might classify it as incorrect.

Given these reasons, longer articles will be the norm by 2021. People will be more patient in browsing information to avoid getting the wrong ideas. It might be painstaking to read longer articles, but many people would do it. The articles should be of top-quality and have well-researched information.

Since articles of up to 3,000 words can be very long, they need to get broken into sub-headings. They’re even more important for mobile device users. Since the font sizes are smaller through mobile phones, people should find it easier to read the details. Apart from the quality of the information, it’s also crucial to make it easier to share. When important content is out there, more people would want to know more about it.

“Google My Business” will be more popular

When people try to search for information, they want it to be available right away. They will prioritize the options within the geographical location. Therefore, companies should focus on improving how people can find them when searching for products and services in the area. In doing so, it’s crucial to update Google My Business listing. It should be rich, updated, and detailed. The business will probably show up more often for local searches with the use of this strategy.

Videos will remain valuable

Although more people might decide to read longer articles, a portion of the population will feel content by getting information from videos. However, they will be more meticulous. They won’t open a video that doesn’t look informative and worth their time. They will find videos that can teach them something new and useful. Demonstration videos, informative videos, and webinars will be a huge deal in the future. Videos should be easier to share using various social media pages.

Explainer videos are also going to be more important. They talk about the products and services in detail. Commercials will still be useful, but more people will crave explainers. They don’t want to buy a product based on a few seconds of information received. Details matter and these explainers can provide the details people want to hear. They need to be easy to understand and the words don’t complicate matters.

An SEO company would be of huge help

These are only some of the possible changes in the future. Again, SEO is a constantly changing field, and no one knows exactly how these algorithms work. Even the trends that seem to figure out the code already are no longer useful now. It also has something to do with how Google modifies the algorithms. They want to retain authority as the top search engine. They can’t afford to put links on the first pages when they have nothing to do with what people are looking for.

There will be more changes soon, and it could be challenging to keep up. With the help of an SEO company, businesses will understand these trends better. Even if the current practices become obsolete by 2021, the top SEO companies’ experts will be there to help out. They will analyze the current practices and modify them to suit the needs of SEO in the future. As the approaches become more complex, relying on people within the team wouldn’t suffice anymore. Hiring specialists should be a part of the strategy.


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