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The Basics of Quality Link Building for SEO

Almost all businesses and industries around the world are moving towards using the internet and its resources to market and promote themselves. By using websites, blogs, and social media, companies around the world can interact with audiences from different backgrounds and can promote their work without needing a physical presence in that region. The internet allows these companies to create an online presence which acts as a traditional physical presence and helps these companies gain more readers and customers.

However, with the boom in the use of online resources for marketing, search engines have become smarter and have made it difficult for content creators to ensure that their content ranks high in search engine results. To rectify this, marketers now use Search Engine Optimization or SEO to help marker content for a company or a website, increase its search engine ranking, and multiply its viewer and reader base. Within SEO, many different techniques have been developed over the years, which have helped content creators promote their work and continue to bring their content up in search rankings look at International link building. One of the most effective techniques within this is link building.

What is link building?

A hyperlink or a link, in SEO terminology, is a clickable word, picture, or advertisement etc. that redirects the reader to your webpage. This link establishes a relationship between the webpage on which it is found and the webpage that it directs the reader to.

What do links do?

Search engines extract content from different websites to add to their indexes. By doing so, they can determine if a page that has a particular content is supposed to be ranked well or not. In this process, even though the content is a crucial factor, another factor that helps these search engines decide if the content is worth promoting is the number of links that are coming to this page from other pages. It also helps a lot if the pages from which the links are coming, are well reputed and have a large following.

The basics of link building

Volume and quality are two main things that will determine the effect of the link building. If there are a lot of links pointing towards one page, and if links are coming from pages that generally have a good search engine ranking and reader base, then this will impact the website and its ranking quite a lot.

Here are some ways in which beginners can understand the world of link building:

  • Reaching out to bloggers

By reaching out to bloggers and business owners within your niche, that have a robust online presence, not only are you able to direct a lot of followers and readers to your website through the link, you are also gaining something quite important. The relationship that you can build with other bloggers can help you greatly in terms of long term collaboration as well.

  • Increased traffic

Traffic is the number of viewers and readers coming to your website. Search engines take the amount of traffic coming to your webpage into consideration when trying to determine how high up your search result ranking should be. Apart from just the sheer amount of traffic, what matters is also how long that traffic remains on your webpage, and whether or not it goes to competitor’s websites to find what they are looking for. In the case of the latter, the search engine can determine that your webpage did not have the content the reader wanted. In this case, especially considering that links direct the reader from a website that has a good ranking, the search engine considers this traffic as a vote of confidence and trust.

  • Collaborations

Even though relationship building with other website owners is essential for promoting your content, it is also vital to reach other to other individuals that have a broad follower base. Influencers are the new way to market your content, and link building strategies that use influencers actually have a significant impact on the overall ranking of the content. More often than not, you can find influencers in your part of the world that have an interest in your product or service, and reaching out and collaborating with these influencers is a way to use their established reader base as your audience.

Even though SEO strategies become quickly outdated because of how frequent search engine updates are, link building is one strategy that remains tried and true.


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