Organic Search

Organic traffic is the natural traffic from unpaid searches or sources (typically search engines) to a website. Research has demonstrated that at least 60% of a website’s traffic comes from organic searches. Therefore, it plays a significant role in the success of a business. The concept of SEO is based on organic searches, which makes it important to improve your business website’s organic ranking. To know more about this, you can visit but, here’s why organic search results are important for your online business.

Your online business gets real human traffic. With paid ads and traffic, you can never be sure you’re getting real human traffic because some clicks can come from automated machines or robots. In PPC, for instance, some people utilize software to unethically increase their click just to earn more through Google AdSense and AdWords. Since this is not human traffic, it will not positively influence your conversion rate. In contrast, organic search results bring real visitors from actual human beings rather than robots or automated crawlers.

It also gives you long-lasting ranking. The problem with paid traffic is that it dries up as soon as there is a lack of consistency in the promotion of your content to continue driving traffic to your site. Ranking your business website through natural means makes it hard for your business rivals to outrank you on Google and other search engines. Besides, you are ranked based on the quality of your web content, which keeps visitors returning to your site regularly as long as they are getting what they want from your website. This means you will remain relevant for as long as possible if you continue to improve.

It provides a way to establish a reliable online presence. Today, many potential customers check online for product reviews and ratings before making a purchase. They also use search engines to search for products and services they want to purchase. Therefore, having a reliable online presence will make your business and brand more trustworthy and people will want to buy from you. On the other hand, you give your competitors an edge over you in the market if you lack an outstanding online presence.

Ranking on top of Google’s organic search results means Google considers your website as valuable. The main objective of SEO is to secure favorable rankings on search engines and if you can achieve this then it means these search engines view your content as valuable to the public and will continue to favor your site.

Online businesses are often advised to aim for long-term results through SEO because the website will rank favorably for longer and even result in better conversion rates. If you want your business website to remain on top of search results for longer, you must aim for organic traffic. Organic search results last longer than the PPC-driven campaign, as you don’t have to worry about getting traffic after the end of the campaign period or when your ad budget runs out. Moreover, the technique is cost-effective and you don’t have to invest in expensive software and programs that can drain your pockets and strain your business.

Therefore, the importance of organic search results for your online business cannot be overemphasized. You will get real human traffic, attain permanent favorable ranking, and enjoy better conversion rates and long-term results once your efforts start paying off.


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