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Water Damage SEO Basics For Better Rankings in Google

The competition in the water restoration industry is real. Make a mistake and you are out of business. Plus, the big-timers out there aren’t willing to give you space to breathe. So, how are you going to break that market ceiling and nail more clients? Well, the solution is in SEO. Employing the best SEO strategies for water restoration companies is only going to increase your fortunes and expand your business growth. Marketing your business isn’t enough. Getting it right with your digital strategies is the only way to hit the ball rolling. So, what is water damage SEO? How can it benefit your business establishment?  If these are some of the lingering questions you need answering, this article is going to fish the best possible answers for you. Keep reading!

What is SEO?

SEO is a powerful digital marketing strategy that aims to rank businesses higher on Google—helping them increase traffic and generate more leads. Using different organic techniques, SEO can improve the visibility of your site—a key step towards making it more profitable.

Practical Water Damage SEO Strategies

SEO for water Restoration Company is no different from other business establishments. It involves the following key areas.

  • Keyword research
  • Local SEO
  • Google My Business


The biggest asset of SEO is keywords. They help websites rank higher on Google. They play a key role when it comes to improving the visibility of your water removal company’s site. However, you must get it right if you want real results from keywords. For instance, avoid keyword stuffing. Stick to 2-3 keywords per 500 words. Also, use the right keywords in page titles, paragraphs, and images. Also, naturally walk your keywords in the URL of your site. The ALT text should also have the right keywords.

Some of the keywords you can use include:

  • Water damage and mold removal
  • Restoration services and water removal
  • Mold remediation and flood cleanup
  • Water restoration and water damage repair services
  • Flood damage and sewage extraction
  • Property damage and wet basement help
  • Water extraction and property damage

Local Search SEO

Nowadays, local-based searches are skyrocketing—giving you a new digital marketing challenge. And that’s where local SEO comes in. With local SEO, you have a powerful digital marketing tool that can give you a competitive local edge. So, work on your local SEO. Include site maps on your main pages. Don’t forget to include directions and physical addresses. Add geographical tags. For instance, if you are based in Ottawa, Canada and you specialize in water removal services, include keywords like:

  • Mold removal Ottawa
  • Ottawa flood repair
  • Water damage removal near me

Pro tip: Include these keywords in a natural way. Don’t try to force them.

Google My Business

Want your clients to easily understand what you do? Well, invest in Google My Business—an innovative digital marketing solution by Google. When perfectly combined with photos and reviews, Google My Business will help you rank higher on Google and increase your online visibility.

The Bottom-Line

Don’t let the stiff competition in the restoration industry scare you. Everybody, including those regarded as the big fish, started from somewhere. However, you can hire the services of https://www.waterdamageseogeeks.com/ if you feel overwhelmed. Whether you are new or you want to increase your business’s fortunes, you can count on SEO to make things happen. The above information will help you market your business in style.


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