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4 Tips for Keeping Your Tech Secure

Over the past several decades, more people are using personal computers, mobile phones and smart devices than ever before. Factor in the events of 2020 and 2021 associated with the coronavirus and it’s easy to see that even more people are relying on home and personal technology.

With so many people working without an on-site IT team, it’s difficult to keep tech secure. There are more risks than ever out there, thanks to hackers with the ability to breach any security measures you have in place. Therefore, you have to work hard to keep ahead of them to protect your tech gear.

Here are four tips for keeping your tech safe while working from home.

1. Install Anti-Virus Software 

Installing anti-virus software has become tech security 101 for good reason. Cybercriminals constantly develop new viruses to infect computers, so you need to install and regularly update an anti-virus program focused on staying abreast of the latest viruses. Many anti-virus programs now take things a step further to detect threats like spyware, malware, Trojans and other system infiltrators that slow performance and can cause disruption.

Be sure to turn on “automatic updates,” suggests Tech Guy Labs. This automated step makes updating software security seamless for Windows users, for example.

2. Turn On Your Firewall

A firewall serves as a protective barrier between your computer and unauthorized programs seeking access to your system via the internet. Many computer systems, including Windows, feature built-in firewall hardware. Check to ensure that your system has a firewall and that you have turned it on. If your computer does not have one, it is important to consider investing in one for more security.

3. Stay Proactive Regarding Security Measures 

The massive influx of smart and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies makes it easy for users to rely on automated options. Forbes warns against the temptation to give over your security to the technology itself. It’s important to take a hands-on approach to home networking security to protect tech by establishing strong passwords, monitoring usage and creating separate Wi-Fi passwords for guest users.

4. Invest in an Integrated Security Plan 

If you don’t have access to an IT team from work or school, consider investing in a security firm that offers an integrated plan that offers all the security features you need. Norton 360 with LifeLock offers real-time threat protection, a no-log secure VPN, password management, credit monitoring, identity alert system and much more. Work, bank, socialize and shop while knowing your tech and identity are safe and secure.

A Strong Tech Security Strategy Offers Peace of Mind

Whether you are working, studying, socializing or playing, it remains essential that you keep one eye on your tech security. Unfortunately, risks continue for everyday tech users because hackers never stop working to try to compromise your system. However, with the right tools, strategies and partnerships, you can keep your tech secure.


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