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Mobile Apps that Can Help Develop Tech-Savviness

It may sound surprising, but many people still have no access to tech devices. One study by Pew Research reveals that some countries have as many as 20% of the adult population who have not used a mobile phone in their entire life.

The primary reason for this lack of access to tech devices is poverty. Many say that they cannot afford to buy such products. For others, the reason is either tech aversion or fear of embracing technology. The latter reasons don’t make much sense.

To develop a sense of tech-savviness, it would help to do the following.

Mobile games

This is not a joke. Playing games or entertainment apps on mobile devices can be a good start to get used to tech products. Enjoying a few sessions of Word Farm Scapes or other brain-stimulating games can develop familiarity with smartphones, tablet computers, and other similar devices.

It is not uncommon for many to have been introduced to computers and other modern devices through gaming. In fact, many got to play with their Atari, Family Computers, and Game Boys before they learned to use computers. The process is not that different when it comes to introducing people to new technology. Familiarizing with the interface and operation of a smartphone by playing mobile games is a great way to learn how to use modern mobile phones.

Social media

Using social media through mobile devices is mostly wasted time for many. However, for people who have yet to get used to new technologies, spending time on social media can be productive. Just like playing mobile games, it helps in getting acquainted with user interfaces and the way many of the things at present work. It even comes with the bonus of being able to connect with people online.

By learning the basics of social media, particularly the use of instant messaging and other communication features, anyone can have a good starting point to learn many other things. Social media can be an expansive knowledge resource. Additionally, many social media users share useful information on their pages.

Video sharing apps

Moreover, having access to video-sharing apps is a good way to find more information about technology. Apps such as YouTube, Twitch, Metacafe, and even TikTok can be goldmines for tech knowledge. Many users share video content to help educate others about techie matters. There are those who share smartphone or computer troubleshooting guides, for example.

Also, many share the problems they encounter with their devices or other tech-related matters and share insights on how to go about the repairs. If the information they share is inaccurate or insufficient, viewers often post comments to share their thoughts or corrections. The videos themselves are not the only possible sources of information. The comments sections, too, can offer useful feedback or details.

Of course, there are apps that specifically address the need for tech education. These educational or DIY apps are great, but using the popular apps many other users use is also a way to become tech-savvy especially in the age of smartphones and the internet.


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