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What is 3d Printing used for? Top advantages of 3d printing

Technology today is one of the most important aspects of the additional human intelligence that has worked towards making our lives much easier than before. It has not only lead to the ease of the creation process but now allows us to create products out of thin air. 

3D printing also known as additive manufacturing is known as a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. This innovative invention has not only lead to cost-cutting for businesses but has also helped in the development of new methods of production. Though this innovative technology has been around for more than 25 years now, it has risen up to popularity only recently thanks to the variety of new applications. 

What is 3D printing used for?

A lot has been said about the brilliance of creation and the usage of this cutting edge method of creation, but to understand it’s value it is important to understand its place in the industry today. 

3D printing is the basis for a lot of industrial applications including:

  • Apparel

Before any product hits the market productions, to get a clear idea of the end products, designers experiment with 3D-printed bikinis, shoes, and dresses to get the feel of their making. Not only this, but there are also major companies liked Nike that use 3D printing to prototype and manufacture the 2012 Laser Talon football shoe for players of American football.

The technology has reached a point where companies can provide consumer-grade eyewear with an on-demand custom fit and styling opening up a whole new array of options!

  • Automobile industry

3D printing has been the favorite method of production for innovative Automobile companies for a long time. Automotive companies are not only printing up the spare parts, tools, jigs, and fixtures but also manufactures the heavy-duty end-use parts. 

3D printing has not only enabled on-demand manufacturing which has led to lower stock levels and but has also shortened design and production cycles.

Another most loved use of 3D printing technology is the restoration of old cars printing out the parts that are no longer in production. 

  • Construction and home development

The application of the use of 3D printing in the construction and home development sector has been steadily increasing over the years with the decreasing prices of the printer. This has enabled faster turnaround of scale models of architectural plans and allowed a steady increase in the speed of production and the complexity of the objects being produced from within a room. 

Not only this, but the 3D printer has also allowed 3D printing to fabricate construction components of entire buildings that have provided wind to more innovative and brilliant ideas in the development field. 

  • Aerospace

If we had to pinpoint one field where the 3D printing model is used in the wildest ways imaginable, it would be the aerospace industry. One of the most startling examples of the same is the UK start-up Orbex that has undertaken and built an entire rocket engine thanks to 3D printing. 

If that is not futuristic enough for you, the University of Ottawa has presented with an idea of self-replicating 3D printers that will process lunar soil. Though still in process, if possible, the 3D printing of lunar soil will give an idea of and help to decrease the material and equipment necessary for a lunar mission. 

  • Food

An industry that affects anyone and everyone is now also inculcating the 3D printing mechanism in their midst. Today, the concept of 3D printing is no longer only an idea, but an intractable reality that can revolutionize innovation and production of food through better creativity, customizability, and sustainability.

  • Education and research 

Thanks to the dropping prices of the printers, the applications, and learning opportunities from the same have increased a lot. 3D printing now allows students to try their hands on cutting edge technology and create the prototypes of items without the need or requirement of expensive tooling that is required in the subtractive methods. 

Some authors claim that 3D printing offers up an unprecedented revolution in STEM education thanks to the low-cost ability for rapid prototyping in the classroom by students and the fabrication of low-cost high-quality scientific equipment from open hardware designs forming open-source labs.

Advantages of 3D printing

A step into the future of manufacturing, there are no two ways about the advantages of the 3D production of materials in every industry. A beautiful piece of creation, 3D printing is the one-stop solution that give wings to imagination and can back that up with the ease of productions. 

To give you an idea of just how important an invention the 3D printers are in the modern world, here is the list of advantages of 3D printing:

  • Speed:

One of the major advantages of 3D printing is an amazing rapid prototyping. This is defined as the ability to design manufacture and test a customizable part created in a 3D printer in as little time as possible. 

A method that can successfully cut out months from the creation process, your product can be in the market almost the same day it is designed. What can be better than that?

  • Ease on the pocket

A brilliant creation that cuts down the cost for small production runs and applications, 3D printing is known to be one of the most cost-effective manufacturing processes. Cutting down the labor hours and costs, you can create a prototype without spending almost anything out of your pocket. 

  • Easy accessibility

Though it took a long time for 3D printing to go mainstream, the explosion of 3d printing has brought around an easier use of software and hardware to customers as more competition has entered the space. Though technology is never easy to learn, it is easier to incorporate this one in your day to day life. 

  • Better quality

With a step to step assembling of all the products to make an object, the 3D printing not only promises speed but also delivers on the high quality of every creation. This will not only give wings to your imagination but also the fuel that it needs to work practically. 

  • A protected creator of complex ideas

With the ease of creation of the most complex ideas, the 3D printing in the house will mean that you can ensure your designs and product information is kept safe. This will not only keep your design ideas safe and protect your IP but also help your push your product more confidently in the market. 

Think big with professional 3D printing and bring your ideas to life.

Discover ground-breaking 3D technology and support, and start realizing tomorrow’s possibilities today.


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