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Camping with Folding Bed: Pros and Cons

Just imagine traveling by car with a family or friends somewhere outside the city for several days. Swimming in the mountain lake, baking sausages on the fire, breathing the fresh air — all these are so romantic. However, camping is not always as pleasant as it may seem if you don’t relax at night. Therefore, folding beds are indispensable for those people who love traveling.

Anyway, purchasing the best folding bed makes a lot of questions. So, let’s consider the pros and cons of this item.


Modern folding beds are comfortable, practical, and most importantly compact:

  • they are easy to store in the trunk;
  • they can be used by adults and children;
  • there is a huge variety of size and color;
  • the low price is also an advantage.


Do not forget that each coin has a downside. The main disadvantages of folding beds are:

  • low orthopedic properties;
  • inconvenience for overweight people.

So, taking it all to the account, what aspects to consider when choosing a folding bed?

Tips and Tricks

The days when sleeping on a folding bed was not comfortable have gone. Modern models have a strong frame and are equipped with a soft mattress. Now there is nothing more simple and suitable for an emergency overnight stay than a folding bed.

If you want to buy a folding bed for long regular use, it is better to give preference to a more expensive item. It should be as comfortable as possible and fit the anatomical structure of the body.

A wonderful choice — folding beds with wooden slats. These structures have a rigid frame base, so they will withstand a person of any weight category.

There are also several types of beds by their purpose:

  • For the countryside. All models of the budget category are suitable. They can be placed under the bed. Such items are quite mobile.
  • For camping. They are the most popular among those who love nature. They weigh a little — no more than 6 kilos. They are small and may be placed in a case.
  • For children. These folding beds are smaller than standard ones.

A completely new class of folding beds is an orthopedic folding bed with a 3 cm foam mattress or a 7 cm cotton mattress, says jonsguide.org. They are very convenient, require little space in the trunk and will guarantee a comfortable sleep in the camping. The permissible load may vary up to 110 kg. 18 lamellas, securely fixed to the frame, evenly distribute the load of the whole body and have an orthopedic effect, preventing the curvature of the spine.

Portable Camping Beds

This class of folding beds has appeared in the outdoor industry relatively recently. Unlike their traditional counterparts, portable camping beds attract attention with very compact dimensions in the package. They are also distinguished by their relatively low weight, which is still widely used in tourism.

Who do they suit? First of all, for those who are interested in the small packing volume of equipment, owners of cars with a small trunk, motorbike travelers and lovers of water and bicycle tourism.

Like portable camping beds, ultralight cots are a novelty in the modern outdoor leisure industry. Today, they are actually represented by two models: Therm-a-Rest LuxuryLite Ultralight Cot and Helinox Lite Cot. Their common feature is the amazingly low weight — both models weigh a little more than 1 kilogram! For those who like to sleep on the bed, this is a serious reason to think about their use in their tourist practice in the warm season.


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