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How the Boring Company Can Change the Way We Travel Forever

When Elon Musk announced the creation of the Boring Company (TBC), this created excitement in quite a few quarters. This fascinating company has the potential to change the way transportation works in this nation. If and when TBC has an IPO, this is likely to create wealth for many ordinary people.

TBC’s Purpose and Mission

In a nutshell, TBC builds subterranean tunnels to reduce congestion and speed up travel. Notably, these tunnels are not old-fashioned automotive tunnels. Instead, these innovative tunnels will utilize a new type technology known as the Hyperloop. The Hyperloop is not one individual technology. Instead, the Hyperloop is best understood as a new type of transportation technology. Built within underground tunnels, the Hyperloop is a sealed tube network maintained with low internal air pressure. In such a tube, objects could move with very little air resistance or surface friction. This could lead to greatly increased speeds compared to train and air travel. Hypothetically, the Hyperloop could operate at speeds greater than 700 miles per hour. Currently, multiple research teams are working on specific plans for the Hyperloop. Though this technology hasn’t been finalized, it is a safe bet that TBC will ultimately succeed. Indeed, TBC has already started digging a tunnel between Washington D.C and California. Because SpaceX and Tesla have been so successful, it is almost certain that TBC will also become a rousing success. After all, SpaceX and Tesla have both revolutionized their respective industries.

The History and Future of TBC

Elon Musk founded TBC as a private company in December 2019. If Musk ultimately takes TBC public, he will do so on his own timetable. After all, this genius entrepreneur is known for doing things his own way. Although some have criticized Musk’s idiosyncratic approach, there’s no denying the efficacy of his methods. Musk is known for his great personal ambition. Though Musk takes on difficult tasks, he approaches them with all necessary commitment and attention to detail. The success of Tesla is a perfect example of Musk’s overarching entrepreneurial vision. Though Tesla hasn’t met every self-imposed deadline, the company’s growth has been remarkable. After all, it is unbelievably difficult to break into the automotive industry. Thanks to Musk’s skills, Tesla has become the first major new vehicle company to succeed in a generation. It’s almost certain that Musk will use the same vision and genius to make TBC a success.

Facing Criticism

Because TBC has deeply ambitious goals, this company has earned a moderate amount of criticism from engineers. Still, it is almost certain that TBC will achieve most of its stated goals. It’s not yet exactly clear when TBC will have its IPO. In fact, some analysts have expressed doubt that this company will ever go public. Still, this is a company worth following for any investor. Supposing TBC does have an IPO, this stock should be deeply profitable over the long run.

Overcoming Obstacles

One shouldn’t underestimate the hurdles TBC will have to overcome before the first Hyperloop tunnel is opened for the use of the public. According to the experts at Money Morning, “Musk wants his companies to attain commercial viability before he takes them public.” This will be no small task. Looking beyond any technical hurdles, TBC will have to receive regulatory approval from a number of governing authorities. As most entrepreneurs learn, the regulatory process sometimes becomes fraught and winding.

The Hyperloop: Will It Become a Reality?

Fortunately, TBC is not entering into its ambitious path by itself. Due to his companies’ technical achievements, Musk has earned Silicon Valley’s respect. TBC will have many advocates as it moves forward with its far-reaching plans. It’s not hard to see how fast Hyperloop travel could fundamentally change the American economy. If you could commute 350 miles in under an hour, this could greatly reduce labor inefficiencies. For example, workers in towns with few jobs could commute biweekly to places with labor shortages. Of course, one could potentially commute to communities that didn’t lie directly on the Hyperloop. Simply including the Hyperloop in your daily routine could greatly expand your capability to work and thrive. Depending on when the TBC IPO happens, this company’s stock could open at anywhere from five to 15 dollars.

Whatever its initial price, TBC stock will likely provide durable profits for investors. While it will take some time before TBC starts selling shares to the public, it’s not too early to take advantage of Musk’s entrepreneurial skill.


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