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Things Every New Traveler to Fort Myers Beach Should Know


Whether you are looking for a family-friendly beach destination or the perfect romantic getaway, vacations in Fort Myers Beach have something just waiting to be experienced. The small strip of land on Florida’s southwest coast is home to one of America’s most beautiful and diverse natural environments. It has plenty of fun things around every corner, including world-class fishing, kayaking tours in stunning mangrove forests filled with exotic wildlife like dolphins, crocodiles and alligators; golfing at some of southwest Florida’s best courses, as well as historic shipwrecks off the coasts – there really isn’t anything that can compare with this.

Fort Myers Beach is a great spot for those who want to escape with their family or even just receive some relaxation. The area offers beautiful beaches, shops, restaurants and more. So if you’re looking to relax in the sun, soak up some rays and enjoy a little tropical paradise this summer, then Fort Myers Beach is just for you. The beaches are pristine. There’s something around every corner, from delicious seafood dishes to horseback riding.

  • First, you must consider the climate. The average temperature in Fort Myers Beach is 81 degrees Fahrenheit, with an annual rainfall of 50 inches per year and humid conditions throughout most days.
  • Transportation needs should be considered as well – there are five airports within 100 miles which might allow for more flexibility depending on your destination’s proximity to these cities. Also, some car rental companies offer one-way rentals, making reaching specific attractions easier without having to backtrack or take two separate trips out of town just because it was near where we started from.
  • According to Fourth National Restaurant Association statistics, food choices vary, but local favorites include seafood at establishments like Doc Ford’s Rum Bar & Gr.
  • You can only find fresh fish at the pier – if you don’t like seafood, be prepared for some limited dining options.
  • There isn’t much nightlife on the island, which means that many of its restaurants close after sunset.
  • It rains here almost every day, so wearing rain gear might come in handy.
  • The city has an active art scene with artists working through most hours.
  • During peak season (November-April), rental prices will rise due to taking occupancy rates.

What Can You Do At Fort Myers Beach?

Fort Myers Beach is a popular place for vacation, and it’s easy to see why. If you want the best of both worlds in your vacations in Fort Myers Beach, this place has something for everyone. There are great hotels that offer views of Sanibel Island or the Gulf Coast beaches. And if water sports aren’t just what you’re looking forward to this summertime getaway but rather spending some time on land exploring historic buildings like The Edison-Ford Winter Estates or checking one million species at Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden while also enjoying Florida’s sunshine, then head over.

Imagine yourself on the beach, sipping a refreshing drink. The sun is shining brightly, and it feels like summertime year-round in Fort Myers Beach. There are so many things to do there. You can go deep-sea fishing or kayak out on the water. You might want to take some time for relaxation at one of their tranquil spas, too, while you’re here before heading back home with new memories in town.

The warm tropical waters of a Florida beach are perfect for an afternoon swim and don’t forget to pack some snacks because this is one day you’ll want lunch by the water. The best part about visiting Ft. Myers Beach in winter is its low season rates start at just $199 per night.

That means fewer crowds on the beaches and more money for fun souvenirs from our shops. However, with so many things to do, like kayaking or playing volleyball, it will be hard to decide which activity sounds most appealing.

How much does a vacation cost to Fort Myers Beach?

Fort Myers Beach is a popular destination for vacationers looking to relax, with resorts and hotels that range from moderately priced all-inclusive deals to luxurious five-star experiences. The amount you spend on your getaway will vary depending on the length and duration.

A vacation to Fort Myers Beach is sure to be a much-needed break from the daily grind. The average cost of such an escape comes in around $1,500 for travel and stay at a four-star hotel.

Fort Myers Beach is a good place to spend your next vacation: 

The beaches of Fort Myers Beach are a wonderful place to spend your next tropical getaway. With so much fun in store, it’s no wonder that this is one destination you don’t want to pass up. The outdoorsy activities and beautiful scenery will have both parents and kids feeling relaxed by the day’s end.

It’s never too late for summer vacation. If that sounds like an enticing opportunity, look no further than beautiful Ft. Myers Beach. They have everything from outdoor attractions to world-class shopping and dining just minutes away at Lovers Key State Park or The Village Shops & Restaurants area nearby North Jetty Road/Hwy 31 access point if you’re staying.