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Top 7 Best Wayback Machine Alternative In 2020

Wayback machine alternative archives information offered on the WWW (World Wide Web). Researchers and historians extensively use it to maintain digital artifacts. However, Wayback Machine has some constraints, like it is incredibly sluggish and unresponsive on lots of crawlable sites.

Top 7 Best Wayback Machine Alternative In 2020

In this article, you can know about wayback machine alternative here are the details below;

Here is a curated list of Top apps that are capable of replacing Wayback Machine. The list includes both open source (free) and industrial (paid) software applications.

1) Archive.fo

wayback machine alternative

Archive.fo is an online tool that assists you in creating a copy of the website. This copy will stay online, even if the initial page is gotten rid of.


  • – This application conserves a text and a visual copy of the page for much better accuracy.
  • – It offers a quick link to an unalterable record of any web page.
  • – This tool allows you to track the site’s changes consisting of task contributed, catalog, blog post, property listing, and so on.
  • – Saved pages do not include any malware or popups.

2) Perma.cc

wayback machine alternative

Perma.cc is a web archiving application developed and preserved by the Harvard Law School Library. It assists you in creating long-term records of the sites.


  • – You can delete the links within 24 hours after creation.
  • – It helps you to see archived records through Perma.cc link
  • – URLs can be inserted through the blog site or paper short articles.
  • – It enables you to develop Parma that goes to the site and create a record of that site’s material.
  • – If the conservation fails, this app will give you alternatives to submit a PDF file or image.
  • – Individuals can get access to permalinks using tiered subscriptions.
  • – You can designate users to any organization by simply sending the user’s email address into this cloud-based program.

3) Pagefreezer

wayback machine alternative

PageFreezer is a SaaS service that supplies blog sites, websites, and social media archiving. It assists financial services firms and businesses to catch online discussions, guarantees to keep an eye on risk.


  • – This online app validates the authenticity and stability of your records.
  • – It can collect dynamic web material in real-time.
  • – PageFreezer can record internal social media networks.
  • – It can record business chat conversations and monitor activity for prospective threats.
  • – You can archive SMS or text messages.
  • – It helps you to collect and manages online content.
  • – You can access the past websites on demand.

4) Actiance

wayback machine alternative

Actiance app assistance organizations to capture and archive electronic communications. It supports more than 80 channels.


  • – Capture all relevant communications.
  • – You can identify and manage threats and extract the business worth of your information.
  • – It enables you to produce, plan, and deliver content on-demand.
  • – This cloud-based app supplies an analytics control panel for much better visualization of data.
  • – It includes advanced in addition to distance search across all channels.
  • – It uses detailed and adjustable reporting.

5) Stillio

Stillio is a tool that automatically records site photos, archives, and shares to other users. You can handle your website history and conserve lots of time.


  • – You can set screenshots frequencies according to your tailored period
  • – You can add several URLs at the same time.
  • – You can save the screenshot to Dropbox.
  • – It supports URL sharing.
  • – This tool enables you to filters URLs by domain.
  • – You can use custom titles to keep whatever is organized.
  • – Stillio helps you take a screenshot from the geographical site area by identifying it’s IP address.
  • – You can hide undesirable components like overlays, banners, or cookie popups.

6. UK Web Archive

UK Web Archive collects details of various websites each year and protects for the future. It concentrates on the subject, event or areas of interest, and social networks to archive.


  • – You can utilize this website to look for UK web archives.
  • – It allows you to find the site on various styles and subjects.
  • – This application collects images, videos, HTML pages, pdf, etc.
  • – It carries out automated collection of series of UK site in one year.

7. Memento Time Travel

Memento time travel assists you to search and see versions of web pages that existed in the past. It supports finding Mementos in web archives.


  • – It checks the entire range of servers to search web pages.
  • – This website displays website elements based on the time requested by you.
  • – It self-archives web server material.
  • – It concentrates on different aspects like HTML, design sheets, and images, etc.
  • – You can see the number of archival DateTime utilizing the timeline.
  • – It provides a bar charts showing checked and missing components


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