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What can an SMS test report show you and how can you further use it?

Testing SMS delivery — what can an SMS report tell you?

Every phone has an SMS delivery function.

People send SMS to communicate with one another, companies send them to keep in touch with their clients.

That’s why those who use SMS marketing for their business may want to start testing their SMS delivery to see the results of their campaigns.

One of the most convenient SMS testing platforms to provide detailed reports is Testelium. It helps you to see information about every message. It can show you how the message will be delivered, the time of the delay,  the sender’s ID, and many more.

Why do you need to test SMS delivery?

Some of you may still wonder, why do you need to know all this information?

First of all, sometimes you may get a fake DLR, which assures you that the message was delivered and it was delivered correctly.

But this may not always be true. To see if the text really can be sent correctly on the client’s phone, it is better to run a full SMS DLR report and see the detailed info on it.

One of the most important reasons is that thanks to such text delivery reports, you will be able to  make your SMS marketing campaigns more successful in the future.

You can check how your SMS marketing service works, if it applies any additional settings, and more. What is more, you can check every mobile service delivery time and see the delay.

What results can you get with the Testelum SMS report?

So, what is an SMS delivery report provided by Tstelium and what info can you get out of it?

First of all, you can see which network has a delay in sending and see the exact time when the message was delivered and if there were any issues with it.

Basically, you will run SMS sending speed tests to understand when the recipients will get the messages after you send it.

Testelium runs tests on various real devices, and it can show you if the message on each recipient’s phone was displayed correctly.

This will show you whether you need to change your text messages or apply any additional features with your SMS marketing tool. Some phones may not display particular symbols, or the test can shift. It will make it hard for the recipient to read the message or even understand it.

Thus, there is a higher chance that the customer won’t pay attention to your info and won’t use your offers. But with an SMS test report, you won’t face this problem anymore.

All your messages will look clear and be delivered to the right recipients.

There is also some additional info such as mobile country code, sender’s ID. test the quality of vendors’ routes and so on.

How to use the SMS test result information?

After you receive such a report from Testelium, you can start working on improving your marketing campaign.

The obtained data from testing SMS routes will help you track how many messages were sent and delivered.

You can examine the statistics and check errors if there are any. You can run tests until you get a result that satisfies you completely.

Testelium — #1 SMS testing platform

As you can see, using platforms such as Testelium can provide lots of benefits. Still not convinced?

Here are a few more points on why to choose Testelium over its rivals.

User-friendly interface. If you are new to SMS marketing and you still struggle to understand all the complicated features of an SMS testing platform, Testelium offers an intuitive interface with lots of automatic features.

Starting a new test will be a no-brainer: all you need to do is just type in your SMS and adjust the sending settings.  Plus, it allows you to schedule tests, so you never forget to run the test manually.

 Reasonable pricing. While offering a very informative report, this service has one of the most reasonably-priced offers you can find. If you want to launch successful SMS campaigns without spending much, it will be the right fit.

Free trial. Those who don’t want to invest in testing services straightaways may test and try all the perks and advantages of this service for free. There are of course some limitations and not all the features can be available, but you still may be able to see if Testelium fits your needs.

 More efficient. A lot of users point out that reports provided t by this service tend to be much more useful compared to other testing services. Thus, there is a better chance that you will be able to create more efficient campaigns and create a successful marketing strategy.

On top of that, the company uses real devices for testing while most of its competitors use virtual ones. Thus, they are unable to provide the real picture and show the real issues. That, in our opinion, is what makes Testelium stand out from the crowd.

Bottom line, if you want to boost your marketing strategy, don’t hesitate and try SMS testing with Testelium. It is easy to use, efficient and has an honest price, so we think it can become a great assistant for every marketing team.


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