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5 Tenets of an Exceptional WordPress Website Design


The right web design determines the success of any website. It is essential to design your website cautiously as it is the face of your business. Moreover, most prospective clients visit your website before they buy the goods/services from your store. Lacking in any feature can result in fading your brand impression.

WordPress website design is more significant for Conversions than you think. How your website works is more crucial than how it looks and feels. Even a simply-designed website with exceptional usability and utility performs smoothly on Google. The performance is wholly dependent on the effectiveness of the site.

How to Design a Good Website?

A wide range of experts from various areas is required to design a good website. Their collective efforts are needed to make critical decisions. Here is the list of 5 tenets of an exceptional website design that will enhance the usability of a website:

1. Simplicity and Consistency

An over-designed website may not look good. Putting too many features on the webpage may distract visitors from the ultimate goal of your website. Simplicity makes the web page more useful. The clean and unique design of your website makes it attractive.

Furthermore, it helps the end-user to go from one page to another effortlessly. Navigating a website having design features that do not fulfill the purpose may be annoying. Make the design of your website as simple as possible so that the visitors can feel it aesthetic and user-friendly.

The other most important thing in designing a WordPress website design is its consistency. Put your focus to match design features throughout each of the pages. Ensure that the fonts, headings, sizes, sub-headings, and button styles must be the same on the entire website.

Prepare the blueprint of the website in advance. Finalize the suitable fonts and colors for your texts, heading, buttons, and other elements. Use them while developing the design. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) should be handy to keep the complete data about design styles and other features.

2. Typography & Readability

No matter how appealing your design is, the typography and readability still play a crucial role in the website. This is because it provides visitors the desired information. It becomes an essential part of SEO activities as web crawlers are very much familiar with this data. Try to keep your text visually captivating and readable for the users, smartly inserting meta-data, keywords, and other SEO-sensitive features along with it.

Try to use fonts that are easy to read. You can use various modern sans-serif fonts such as Arial, Helvetica, and other types of fonts for the body texts. Ensure proper combinations of typefaces are made for every design feature like headings, body texts, buttons, and other elements

3. Color Palette and Imagery

A perfect combination of colors attracts visitors, while a poor combination can result in distraction. This makes it necessary to pick up a suitable color palette for your website, which can create a vibrant atmosphere, resulting in a good impact on users.

Choosing a complementary color palette gives a balanced-look to your WordPress website design that enhances the visitor’s experience. You can use white spaces as they help your website from the visual mess. Try to avoid using fewer colors. Three or four color tones for the whole website are sufficient to give an attractive and clear design.

The same case is with pictures. Don’t use too many vibrant images.

4. Easy Loading and Navigation

No one prefers to use a website that takes too much time in loading. For this, you need to optimize image sizes, arrange code into a central CSS or JavaScript file because it minimizes HTTP requests. Also, you can reduce JavaScript, HTML, and CSS for fast loading speed.

In addition to easy loading, reports show that users enjoy more on the websites which provide easy navigation. You may develop a logical page hierarchy and design clickable buttons for effective navigation purposes. Moreover, while designing the website, follow the “three-click-rule.” By following this rule, the users can get the desired information within three clicks.

5. Communication

The main purpose of the visitors while browsing the website is to get information. If your website is not able to communicate efficiently, people will not love it. So, design in such a way that it provides sufficient information to the target class of people. In this way, the visitors will spend more time on your website.

Some methods that may help seamless communication with the users are – organizing the website content with headings, sub-headings, and bullet points. Besides this, avoid using long sentences.

Developing the web design while considering the above principles helps make your website more user-friendly, effective, clean, and appealing. Without this basic idea, it would be cumbersome to manage the whole process of designing.