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WordPress or Drupal – The CMS that will work for you in 2019


Business owners and web developers love both Drupal and WordPress! They use both extensively to develop websites for multiple clients and gain essential insights to use them as well. And most web developers help their clients to select the correct tools and CMS to develop a site. The requirement for an NGO and a start-up in terms of website development are different. Web developers need to delve into their various requirements and decide the best CMS for 2019, i.e., WordPress or Drupal.

Working with Drupal in 2019 – The complicated web projects

Drupal often gets used for developing high-end enterprise, government, and education websites. But usually, this CMS is a leading choice when web developers have to come up with a government website. Drupal is the best choice when you have a complex project at hand. And what exactly is a complex project? The following facts will help to delve deep:

  • The company comes with a substantial user base that should get logged to the site and carry out complicated tasks, like developing user-generated content in user communities and forums.


  • There are complex and diverse content requirements, which are much more than a staff directory, news articles, blog posts, landing pages, and the usual website pages. For instance, you might need to develop an academic course catalog, various levels on permits on the content for multiple user roles, content that gets generated from micro-services, and the like.


  • Projects that need complicated integrations, for instance, integrating with various other web services, iPhone apps, and many more.

Drupal is the best choice for all these requirements. It is also essential to address configuration management here, as it generally receives much attention from the non-developers. Do you want to make changes to all the live websites making use of version control? If yes, then you will find Drupal’s configuration management useful. It helps to save time and also minimize the developer’s errors. Are you averse to server downtime issues? Also, do you want to cancel out all the mistakes that your website might have when you opt-in for a bug fix or add a new feature? If yes, then Drupal is the ideal choice for you. As the website becomes more complicated, this CMS can be of great help.

Drupal is also good with your specific security requirements. It can manage the PCI compliance requirements, for instance, database encryption and various other security issues. However, even WordPress has become well-known today, as it works effectively in the personal and business domain as well. But then WordPress might get hacked because of its predominance. Today, there are more WordPress sites than Drupal websites.

But when a web developing company or web developer is working with Drupal, they need to know the way CMS works completely. Else, there’s a chance to goof up things, and that can lead to a loss. And this usually makes the big projects incur a loss because of the usability problems. Generally, Drupal is more of a blank slate. And it is easy to add your additions to this slate, based on the web development needs, time and budget requirements.


Working with WordPress in 2019 – Helps with most web projects

WordPress is known to help the start-ups, non-profit organizations, publications as well as small to medium-sized business houses. This CMS can address all the requirements from the fields mentioned above adequately. Most web developers and business owners love WordPress because it’s easy to use. It also comes with a favorable worldwide reputation amongst the community of less-technical web developers and digital marketers. There are various aspects where WordPress is a clear winner:

  • eCommerce websites

WordPress can benefit eCommerce portals. If yours is a start-up, you can use the multiple plug-ins and other tools to create an eCommerce website and start selling. You can use a shopping cart and other similar features, as well. WordPress is easy to use and SEO friendly, which is an added advantage.

  • It is flexible and user-friendly

WordPress, with its umpteen features, can get specific things done, without getting in touch with the brand’s web team. However, the web team needs to offer permission for the same. Initially, this might include understanding the necessary things done. However, when you have access to the correct agency for assistance, you can accomplish more complex tasks.

  • Reduced expenses because of starter themes

WordPress, as a CMS, has a massive collection of the starter themes. It helps to provide the users with an elaborate functional and visual outline of a website. And in certain situations, it helps a business house or individual user develop a site without getting in touch with a web designing company. Later, when they need hand-holding, they can get in touch with the best web designing agency and unlock the best WordPress CMS features. However, it is essential to keep a few things in mind here. Overusing a theme beyond its limit might lead to issues. It is necessary to stay aware of proper use.

  • There’s a plug-in for almost everything

Both WordPress and Drupal come with several communities assisted plug-ins, which in Drupal gets termed as modules. And this makes WordPress gain more popularity in plug-in variety and accessibility of its updated version.

Now that you have known the best features of both the CMS, it’s to make a choice. Drupal can get considered as an actual framework that provides increased extensibility and comes with a potent blank state. On the other hand, WordPress can provide the best features you can expect from a CMS platform. However, sometimes, these features can lack the extensibility that Drupal offers as well.

So which one should you opt-in for in 2019? The solution is simple. You should go with the one that appeals to you. Also, it depends on the expertise of the web development partner you are joining hands with. You need to ensure that the CMS you choose should adjust with your web development needs from time to time. Else, a website will be a stagnant online brochure that looks good, but does nothing. Now that you are aware of all the finer nuances of WordPress and Drupal, you can make an informed choice.