If you are planning for a wonderful trip, then it is obvious that you will need a car so that you can enjoy your trip by visiting almost all the places. But the problem happens when you are searching for a car and the rent is very high which you can’t afford. Now you need not worry as there are some of the hacks using which you can get a car with the best rents and you can save a good amount of money by implementing some of the hacks. There are some of the car rental software which you should use for hiring a car on the best rents. People often get themselves trapped in the words and offers of car renting companies and they have to pay more money than the actual amount they were supposed to pay.

There are some of the simple ways following which you will be able to save money on your trips by renting a car in affordable and cheap rates. You are supposed to use these ways so that you can save money for your trip. Some of people book cars without checking the rate card or charges and in result they have to end by paying lots of money. Now you can save a lot if you are going to book car for any trip or any event.

Here is the list of 10 clever car rental tips that will help you in saving your money. You can follow any of the ways for the saving of your money.

  1. Reconsider your booking after getting better price

The reservation of car is reconsidered as most of the car company didn’t take any thing from you at the time of booking of the car. If you have booked for a car already and some other car company is giving you a better rate, then you can reconsider your decision as it takes nothing.  The system is bad with flights as you can’t change your decision once you have decided.

  1. Coupon codes

One should do the search for coupon codes if they are going to look for a car. There are some of the car companies which gives attractive offers via coupon codes. The coupon can give you a rebate of almost 20%-30%. You can do the google search for the coupon codes of the car companies and probability is there that you will get a one.

  1. Checking rates on multiple versions

Checking rates on multiple version means you have to check the rent of the car rental companies via home country version or local version if you are in a foreign country. This will let you know that how much you are going to save. Select that one which gives you maximum release in the price.

  1. Use group membership

If you are using the name of a group membership, then you can get a good rebate in the rates of the rent you have to pay. Some of the groups are attached with car companies and hence you can get relief of 20-30% if you are using the group membership.

  1. Book your car as part of a package

The idea of booking car in package is best as it will help you in saving more money. If you are going for a trip to some place, then you can book your flight ticket as well as car in the same package. You will find that you have saved a good amount of money if you are booking in package. Instead of paying separately for car and flight, you can pay collectively and make a package of that.

  1. One-way rental free

You can drive a car and take it to the place from where it belongs. The company will not charge you anything or the charge will be very nominal as you have helped the company in getting the car back to its place. If you a book a car only for one trip, then the company charges you for the both trips as the car is supposed to return to its original place. Thus, this idea of saving car rent is perfect.

  1. By joining a loyalty program

You can join a loyalty program of any of your favourite car company. Just after the joining you will be able to enjoy the benefits given by the company to its employees. Most of the programs are directly associated with the hotels and airlines and with that you can get rebate at these junctions too. With this you can secure your future trips and stays.

  1. Checking credit card benefits before buying insurance

Some of the credit cards are giving benefits on buying insurance. There are certain types of rental car insurances if you paying your rent using that card. You might get benefitted with this. You need to check the coverage of your credit card and read terms and conditions. The car insurance policy of your home might be covered.

  1. Do the inspection of the car by taking pictures and videos

While renting any car, you are supposed to take pictures and make videos of the car if you find some scratches or dents in the car. While doing the inspection, if you find something inappropriate, then shoot the video and click pictures so that the company may not charge you for the damages. The pictures will be the proof of your innocence. You can forward the clicked pictures to anybody at the time of renting the car.

  1. No need to overpay for gas

There is no need to overpay for gas as you can yourself fill the tank of the car before returning it to the car company. Most of the car companies expect from you that you will prepay for the fuel while returning but the deal might put you in loss. Choose the gas station 10 miles away from the airport as the gas station near to the airport is expensive.

These are 10 best ways which can be followed by you to save the rent of the car you are taking for your trip. Now there is no need to pay extra to the car companies, just follow any of the above ways and get yourself relieved from heavy rents.


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