Did you know that SMS message open rates can be as high as 98%? What’s more, almost 30% of consumers are likely to respond to a text message, and nearly 50% of those people will go on to make a purchase.

With statistics like these, it’s perhaps little wonder that more and more businesses are turning to SMS marketing as an effective means of reaching their target audience.

But while there’s little doubt that text messages are hugely effective, how do you ensure your SMS campaigns are successful? Here are some top tips to help you along…

Choosing the right SMS gateway provider

Before you launch your first SMS campaign, it’s worth mentioning that you’ll firstly need an SMS gateway to send and receive SMS messages in bulk. Providers vary widely in terms of price and reliability, so be sure to do your research and check out the credentials of each provider.

Top Tips for Successful Text Message Campaigns

1. Always get permission

A golden rule of text marketing is that you must always have the recipient’s permission before sending them a message. For example, people might opt-in by texting a certain word to your short code, or by ticking a box when they buy something on your website. You should also make it easy for people to opt-out and ensure you comply with local SMS laws by including relevant disclaimers in each message you send.

2. Get straight to the point

You only have 160 characters to play with, so make each text short and snappy. The recipient should be able to quickly understand your main message and see an obvious call to action, like “click here,” or “buy now.” Avoid sending vague or open-ended messages that lack clarity or have the potential to cause confusion.

3. Don’t send too many messages

When you consider the relative effectiveness of text message marketing, you might be tempted to keep sending messages as often as possible. After all, the more messages you send, the more sales you’ll make, right? While there is no right or wrong frequency, you should aim to keep in touch regularly but not bombard people with texts. If you do the latter, it won’t be long before people grow tired of your campaigns and begin to unsubscribe.

4. Time it right

Think carefully about when you are sending your messages. Is your audience mostly on their phones in the evening, or do texts in the afternoon generate a better response? In general, it’s best to avoid sending texts early in the morning or late at night, so try to stick to standard business hours. Also, SMS messages are instant and encourage people to act on impulse, so avoid sending SMS campaigns too far in advance. For example, if you were running a special promotion at the weekend, consider sending the text on the Friday to get people through the door.

5. Provide value

The chances are, people have opted in to receive your marketing texts because they intend to buy from you again. To encourage action, always provide value and make them feel special. For example, you might offer a special subscriber-only discount, or give them priority access to new releases.

6. Inject some fun into things

People largely associate text messages with communicating with their friends and family, so it can certainly help to inject some fun into your campaigns. For example, you might centre a campaign on a quirky piece of trivia and then ask recipients to respond with their answers for the chance to a prize. Of course, this is just one idea!

Successful SMS marketing requires careful thought and planning. Keep these top tips in mind and you’ll go a long way towards ensuring your SMS campaigns generate the results you are looking for.


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