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A Brief Guide To Designing Your Twitch Stream


Whether you’re new on twitch or are just looking to refresh your old channel and give it a newer look, it is important to know which parts of your channel you need to upgrade and how to do the thing. Since many twitch streamers literally have no idea how they can renew their channels, this article is especially dedicated to help them customize their channels.

Depending on your personal needs, you might need one of these things in the process.

  • Twitch Banners
  • Twitch Alerts
  • A logo
  • Twitch Overlay etc.

Before starting this process, consider whether you want to build your channel as a brand or not. Because if you have long term goals, then all of the above mentioned elements can easily be customized to match the overall theme of your channel (you can easily get all of them in a stream pack). You will be in a better position to make a lasting impression on your viewers when you have a specific theme across all of your platforms.

What Makes The Overlay Such An Important Thing?

Twitch overlay is one of the most important thing in your twitch channel, that is because all of your viewers see the overlay screen whenever you’re not playing the game. Creators usually spend most of their time optimizing and customizing their overlay.

Overlays used to be filled with a lot of information, but a majority of creators lately have adopted the minimalistic approach when it comes to displaying useless data on their overlay, they have now started to focus more on their gameplay. There is no hard and fast rule for adding the information in a twitch overlay, you can edit it as you will. It’s tough to get started on Twitch. Viewer bots can help you increase your live viewers in the interim.

Banners Are Important Too

Banner is the thing that is displayed on top of your main channel page. This is the area that you can use as an ad to display as much “Useful” information as possible. For example, you can add your contact info, sponsors, and gaming schedule to facilitate any visitor.

Various sites these days provide both paid and free twitch banner templates that you can download and edit with Photoshop to give it a unique look.

Optimize The Alerts Wisely

Twitch alerts are actually some emoji with sounds that appear on top of your overlay whenever a new follower arrives, for donations or to notify about the hosts.

This area presents you with a lit of opportunities. Twitch allows you to make your own twitch alerts. So, you can either use a paid or free premade one, or hire a person to make you an awesome alert. Main things in this regard that you’d concentrate on are the length of your twitch alert and its unique sound.

Use Panels For Extra Info

Twitch panels are a great tool that you can use to display any information that your viewers might be needing from your end. This can include links to your social media platforms, any charity links or things like that. So, make wise use of these graphics and benefit from them in the long run.