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10 Best EduBlogs in 2020

Today, the information space of a modern teacher and student almost always contains a virtual component. Using the Internet, both realize their information needs and requests, improve their skills, and communicate with colleagues and classmates. And blogs became an integral part of this space.

Education blogs are a source of useful knowledge and inspiration, and their number is constantly growing. There are also various types of edublogs. It can be a simple thematic learning blog, dedicated to a specific scientific problem, the pages of which will contain many literary sources and materials that relate to and are directly related to a particular scientific field. It can be a blog, used as a reader’s diary, the main task of which will be to form the ability to navigate the world of books and texts of interesting scientific articles. It can be a blog of the online community, the purpose of which will be to communicate with like-minded individuals to enrich them with new ideas and techniques. It can be a blog of a university newspaper on a specific scientific subject with a large number of registered readers. It can also be a training blog that is used as a portfolio of its owner, where he or she reflects the individuality and professional achievements, etc.

Below we offer you to get acquainted with the 10 best edublogs in 2020.

Wabisabi Learning

Wabisabi Learning is a well-known online community that includes all things related to education. Training materials are published here daily. You can find a lot of useful and inspiring information.


This training blog presents a large number of materials related to the field of innovation. Edutopia, which is inherently (and therefore in structure) significantly different from traditional educational blogs, has a huge number of relevant scientific articles and publications related to innovation. Edutopia’s authors constantly monitor the organization of educational materials, creating convenient, simple navigation through the archives. Also, Edutopia’s value is directly proportional to the quantity and quality of materials contained in it.


It is a teaching and learning hub dedicated to the field of innovative education. KQED takes this industry seriously, and daily improves its blog with informative, useful posts for readers. They employ purely experienced, qualified authors who are always aware of the latest knowledge and modern technologies, which they share with the readers.


Possession of modern methods of transmission, storage, and processing of information is a requirement of the time when almost every experienced specialist is fluent in the skills of working in the Internet space. The education industry also considers it necessary to put educational networking resources. EdSurge has created its website, which broadcasts information on various scientific issues, covers important educational materials, and organizes entertainment events.


This blog specializes in providing materials in the field of technical education. It offers collective interaction of users in these areas, allowing them to organize joint educational activities, implement their communication skills, submit and exchange views on various scientific topics. Membership is required to gain full access to all ISTE features, but learning blogs are freely available.

The Innovative Educator

The author of this well-known Internet resource is Lisa Nielsen, who posts a large amount of diverse, extremely useful information on self-development on her blog. Opportunities for self-realization open up, as this blog is presented as a personal network space. Its advantage is that it gives people freedom of choice in the topics of the published material, increases the sense of responsibility for its content.

EdTech Roundup

EdTech Roundup is very popular among Internet users. It offers tons of educational materials related to technology, various mobile applications, reviews of devices, etc. This blog contains access to an endless resource of information data. This relevant and diverse (from various Internet sources) data is presented in multiple forms, which are available at any time to blog visitors, allowing to qualitatively and effectively develop the ability to work with information data.

EssayService Blog

Here you will find an impressive array of essay writing resources and a large number of how-to articles. The essayservice bog is incredibly well organized; you can find everything you need using specific tags. They also have a team of qualified academic writers who can help to improve your performance by writing any kind of writing assignment or supporting you within all learning education.


The author of this blog is the famous Richard Byrne. This person maintains his educational blog to conduct various social studies among different categories of the population. It is a treasure trove of resources for educators around the world. Here are collected innovative personal methods and a large number of educational materials. This blog allows the eyes of a person with direct experience to look at different things and provides a rare view of unknown social spheres. Also, FreeTech4Teachers offers an opportunity for each visitor to be involved and take an active part in solving critical social problems. FreeTech4Teachers also helps build communities around a variety of issues and industries and is a powerful and influential tool for networking, finding friends, and creating awareness of the many problems.

Cycles of Learning

There is a lot of space on this popular edublog for new thoughts and interesting questions and views, in particular on completely unknown to young people’s scientific issues. One of the greatest achievements of Cycles of Learning is the opportunity to gain other people’s experience. Here, people will read what they are interested in and exactly what inspires them; this blog is full of thoughts, drama, and human experiences! It is focused on providing readers with really high-quality material that is worth studying in detail.


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