We need to talk to someone- we use Whatsapp. We want to understand some concept  \we turn to Google. We want to connect with someone in another city or county, we turn to the several video services. There is not only an app for everything, but also a technology driving all industries. Whether it is communication or education, you will find technology deep diving into them and offering the best results to the end users.

We have come a long way since the inception of mobile apps. Today, we are being ruled by the Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots, which are both offering seamless understanding of the current behaviour and predicting the future. They have made customer service and experiences incredible.

Education is one such industry that has been transformed by technology. The classrooms have been modified to accommodate the new ways of learning. In fact, with the tremendous exposure given to this industry, and the incorporation of intelligent machines, the industry has thrived and enhanced the lives of many students.

Let’s take a quick look at how AI and chatbots are continuing to improve the life of a student.

Automating Scoring

One of the toughest jobs for teachers in the education industry is to score another person’s essay or work. It can be quite time-consuming, and combining it with the other functions of the classroom, the teachers may not be able to spend a lot of time getting this work done. However, AI might be able to solve the problem faced by the teachers.

Automating the process of scoring on essays, and giving marks can help teachers expedite the process. Well, this may not become a reality in a day for some of the subjects especially with essays but, it might become a reality for certain objective subjects.

The machine will be fed with past work, which can help them build an algorithm that is accurate and in line with the human eye. Research is being conducted on how to bring the human touch into the machines that will help score these essays. However, currently the innovation is in the nascent stage. If this works out, then teachers can easily grade the students, and get the results out quickly.

Personalized Learning

It is not possible for two students to have the same learning pace or to want to learn the same thing. With Artificial intelligence, you can understand the child’s level and know what course will help them better. Personalizing the lessons effectively and inducing an intrinsic learning environment is possible with AI and e-learning apps.

Apart from intrinsic learning, chatbots can also act as assistants clearing the doubts and creating a classroom like environment for the students. It will also be beneficial in offering personalized learning experiences virtually.

Using gamification and personalization, the classroom learning can become more engaging and interesting for the students.

The assistants will help the students learn at their own pace and improve the learning environment.

Campus Assistance

The students are always wary about campus life and want to know what is new on campus, and have various questions regarding life on the campus. The chatbots might be able to assist the students with the on-boarding process, and being comfortable on the campus.

From understanding the route to their classrooms to having a timetable for the next day read out to them, these assistants will prepare the students for the academic life ahead.

It will keep the students in sync with the campus life, and will keep them updated about everything that they need to have ready to lead a comfortable life on the campus. From answering their questions regarding food, life on campus, the type of clothing required for the campus life to everything else, the assistants are very useful.

Student Evaluation Opportunities

Every teacher wants to understand what the student feels about a particular class or course. They want to evaluate the students and understand if the course and the way it was prepared helped the students. However, evaluating these students can take up a lot of your time and efforts. You are not even prepared for the complete evaluation.

The best way to evaluate the students would be via Chatbots and AI. The conversational setup for evaluation will help the teachers interviewed the students and understand what they need and how can the subjects be improved.

The teachers, when they evaluate the current system and the student’s feedback with the existing system around the world, can understand how they need to improve the system. It will also help them bring in a change in the environment.

Helps with Preparation

The one challenge for the students is to remember the things they have studied just before the examinations. What if there was an automated system that would help them remember the lessons and remind them what they have learnt?

The Chatbots will assist the students with their learning by reading out loud to them the things they have studied and are trying to remember.

For instance, last minute revision is a necessity and quite a tedious process. With Chatbots, the students can revise all their lessons while the chatbots read out the lessons to them.

It will, based on their learning of the student’s ways of revision, devise techniques that can help the students revise faster and make last minute learning efficient.

It is not just a good idea for revisions, but also for quicker learning and efficient studies. Spacing effects as this method is known will help the students remember everything they have learnt, and will be their personal assistants.

Automating Administration

There are a lot of admin related tasks involved in the education industry, especially in the colleges and schools. These tasks take up a lot of time, leaving little to no room for research and innovation. There is very little improvement in the way education industry is performing, as a result.

However, things can change, if we can automate repetitive tasks and increase the efficiency of the different departments of the industry.

Admin tasks are one such function that need automation. From setting the timetable to making announcements, there are a lot of functions associated with the admin department.

With machines, the schools and colleges can build an algorithm that can help set sequence for the courses, even define the timeline and remind the teachers and students about the next class. It will also assign the resources within the school or college for the particular course, thus giving the admin more time for their core functions.

Summing up

Education industry is transforming, especially with the initiation of technology trends. AI and Machine Language are automating the different tasks, and increasing the productivity for the people involved in this industry.

From automating evaluation to mastering feedback, AI will help consider all factors and improve the facilities for the industry with greater efficiency.

Are you ready to take the AI route for education by incorporating algorithms for administration and actual educational tasks?


Author Bio:

Varsha Solanki is a Digital Marketing Strategist at Space-O Technologies, a Software development company. She has 3 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. She spends her time reading about new trends in Digital Marketing and the latest technologies.



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