Best Air Combat/Top-Down Shooter Games For Android & iPhone

Best Space Shooter Games for Android & iPhone

I have always been fascinated by air combat games, maybe because the first ever game I played was an air combat based arcade game for the Terminator 2 game console. Yes, It was Galaga, a cool retro top-down shooter of the ’90s.

Then again my first game on an Android tablet was Air Attack, an air combat based arcade game. After that, I may have played at least 20 airplane games on my Android device. But there are only a few that inspired me and I still play some of them.

Today I want to share my favorite space shooters/airplane games for Android as well as iOS. I haven’t played these flying games on an IOS device, but, all of these airplane games are also available in the Apple app store. So, you won’t miss them if you don’t have an Android device.

Here they are, the best space shooters, airplane or flying games for Android & iPhone, Enjoy. I have also added YouTube gameplay videos so you can check the gameplay of every space shooter or airplane game before you can download or purchase them.



Best Airplane Games For Android & iPhone

Space Warrior: iOS Exclusive

Space Warrior is a beautiful space shooter game for the iPhone and the iPad with vibrant graphics. If I say it is the most beautiful looking space shooter ever created, I won’t be wrong.

The gameplay is just like any other arcade space shooter, but it is the mesmerizing graphics that stand it apart from the rest of the titles I have listed in this article. It is a story based game in which you are the only human left in the solar system with a spaceship.

The evil aliens have destroyed everything. You are the only human standing in their way, but who cares about the story, just fire up your spaceship and starting killing those Aliens. Sadly the phone is currently available only on the iOS, we hope it will soon make its way to the Google Play Store.

Space Warrior: The Story
Space Warrior: The Story

iFighter 2: The Pacific 1942 by EpicForce

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iFighter 2: The Pacific 1942 by EpicForce

iFighter 2: The Pacific 1942 is a sequel to the iFighter 1945 and is a fun air combat game or space shooter based on a classic arcade game, 1943. The developer has done a great job to make the game look like the classic.

The game has a retro type graphic but looks great on an HD device. The game features 9 WWII fighters with 6 different. The gameplay is fun and the controls are great. You can also customize the controls for left-handed or right-handed players.

Aces of glory 2014

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Aces of Glory

Aces of glory 2014 is a sequel to the ‘Aces of Glory: Space Flight’. Just like many of the other Air combat games or space shooter games, ‘Aces of glory’ is a beautiful retro top-down shooter.

The controls are seemingly simple, the gameplay is fun, but with very few surprises. The goal is simple weave in between shots to destroy waves after waves of enemy planes. You can also use a bomb and a shield in difficult situations.

Skyforce 2014

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Sky Force 2014

While you may not remember SKyforce from old arcade days, the game was quite a hit on mobile 10 years ago. Now in 2014, Skyforce has returned as Skyforce 2014 in the form of a gorgeous looking airplane game.

The visuals of the game look stunning and the gameplay is nothing short of incredible. This is my favorite of all the games you see on the list. The controls are simple, all you have to do is to move the plane using your fingers.

What I like the most about the controls of this game is that if you lift up your finger or your finger accidentally goes out of the screen area. The game slows down to a great extent, so there is no chance of crashing your plane. Of all these space shooter games for Android & iPhone, Skyforce has the best-looking graphics.

Update: Sky Force: Reloaded

Sky Force Reloaded

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A successor to the Sky Force 2014, Sky Force Reloaded is a great improvement over the already great top-down shooter game. Sky Force Reloaded offers gorgeous looking 3D graphics better than Sky Force 2014. There are new missions and planes to collect, if you love Sky Force 2014, you will love Sky Force Reloaded even more.

Raiden Legacy

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Raiden Legacy

Another darling of the good old arcade machine days. This classic retro game will take you back to the glorious ’90s where you will have to fly this beautiful plane of yours with various powerful weapons and defeat the enemies that you failed to kill in your childhood.

The gameplay is wonderful with a very busy sky, destroy everything you see moving, grab the power-ups. This game is a collection of four games, that is sequels of the past. You get all of them for a single fee.

AirAttack HD

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The app was not found in the store. 🙁

AirAttack HD was my first airplane shooter game on an Android tablet and I fell in love with it as soon as I started playing it. The game has been developed taking inspiration from Capcom’s classic 1942 WWII shoot-’em-‘up.

The game feature old World War II warplanes. The Graphics are stunning with high-resolution 3D models, realistic particle effects and transparent textures. The overall controls feel great, but there is a small problem. Your fingers go out of the screen area too often losing control of the plane, thus resulting in a hit or crash.

Blazing Star

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I can’t believe this beauty was on Android and I did not know about it. This also used to be my favorite arcade game. I can’t say how happy I am to see this on Google Play Store. Blazing Star is a horizontal space shooter with only one goal, shoot down all the things you see coming towards you.

The gameplay is great, but the controls are not so simple as any other game in this league. There are two kinds of attacks that you can do, a normal attack and a charge attack. Tap the “A” button to spray your normal attack or hold it down to charge your attack.

Syder Arcade HD

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Syder Arcade HD

Syder Arcade HD is an addicting space shooter game for Android. Where alien spacecraft converges on you from left and right. The players can choose from one of the three spaceships with different weapons and characteristics.

The battlefield is two- dimensional, you have to flip the direction of the plane to shoot alien spacecraft converging on you from both sides. You can charge a special attack by destroying enemies and grabbing the power-ups.

Aces of the Luftwaffe

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Aces of the Luftwaffe

Aces of The Luftwaffe’ is another classic Air combat arcade game with retro graphics. Though the game is very short having only three stages, it offers plenty of challenge to the player.

Though most of the missions are relatively easy, the bosses are going to give you a very hard time. You will need to collect models as you progress in the game in order to upgrade your plane. The medals are also necessary to unlock the second and 3rd stage.

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raider

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Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raider is the only game on this list with a realistic 3D graphics. The graphics and physics are the key points here in this game having accurate atmospheric scattering, refractive raindrops, specular masks, and volumetric clouds.

The developers have worked very hard on the graphics aspect of the game. The gameplay is also not boring as you will notice in many realistic games. In Sky Gamblers, you will be engaged in dogfights and sorties with a large number of allies and enemies. There is also a cockpit view support in case you want to be a bit more realistic.

The only area where the game lacks is the control scheme. The planes are a bit difficult to turn, maybe because of poor gyroscope settings, also, the learning curve is a bit intense.

Mortal Skies 2

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Mortal Skies 2

Mortal Skies 2 is another great 2D arcade shoot-’em-‘up game with some great top-down retro visuals. The gameplay and control schemes are pretty much the same as many of the other titles on this list.

The weapons are fired automatically. Your task is just to move the fighter plane to avoid bullets, bombs, missiles, and enemy planes and at the same time destroying the enemy planes. Despite the very easy control scheme the game packs plenty of challenge for the players even in the first stage.

So, These were my favorite and best Space shooter or Air Combat games for Android & iOS, I hope you will like these too. Please also share with us your favorite space shooters, flying games or airplane games for Android & iPhone and we will try to feature them in this article.

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