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Humans Against Monsters cult

OldSchool RuneScape, is a game situated in a fantasy world of Gielinor filled with natural beauties and all kinds of monsters. Furthermore, OSRS has its own economy subject to supply and demand, just like in the real world, and to top it all off, it has a cult as well. This cult however, is not an ordinary, made up cult but one similar to the one that existed in our world. In this article we will be talking about Humans Against Monsters, a human-supremacist cult that believes humans are the purest beings in all of Gielinor. The HAM’s purpose is to get rid of all existing monster races that infest the world, such as goblins and ogres and with this article, you will find out how they accomplish their goals.

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HAM: business, headquarters, members

As we already mentioned at the prologue of this article, HAM, an abbreviation for Humans Against Monsters, is a human-supremacist cult that is focused on purging the world of Gielinor from all monsters. HAM goes about this by bribing authority members such as Duke Horacio, the duke of Lumbridge and its surroundings, and King Roald, ruler of Misthalin kingdom. Bribing of important people is done to provoke large-scale slaughters as they believe these are necessary in reaching HAM’s goals. Interestingly enough, HAM is portraying the events of the past very differently from their real occurrences. For example, the hero Arrav of Avarrocka formed a treaty with a certain goblin tribe, but in the eyes of the Humans Against Monsters, the hero Arrav slaughtered every last one of them. Another interesting fact is that the majority of the HAM’s members consider human-like races such as dwarves and gnomes inferior, but they do not publicly express hate towards them, nor have they made any efforts towards wiping them out.

Humans Against Monsters’ leader is Johanhus Ulsbrecht, a passive member that is afraid of punishment, therefore does not get involved into HAM’s affairs directly. He wears a dark red robe instead of a purple one and can be found in the southern room of the HAM dungeon. Surprisingly, Johanhus does not express the same level of hatred towards goblins as the rest of the members do. The HAM cult is also a home to another senior member called the HAM Deacon. He is a non-interactive NPC speaker who preaches to the members of the cult. Members listening to him will always agree with his propaganda and words of hatred towards monsters.

Apparently, HAM has a very persuasive strategy when it comes to recruiting new members. Basically, they prey on refugees from settlements destroyed by less civilized races. This way the HAM can channel the rage of these people and use it for their cause. Furthermore, HAM officially supports the god Saradomin and his teachings, however the acts of some members on behalf of HAM are subject to a lot of controversy. One of the members named Sigmund, a high-ranking member, and a former advisor of Duke Horacio, has been seen on multiple occasions to kidnap, torture, murder, and steal in order to accomplish HAM’s goals. Due to Sigmund and many members like him, the Humans Against Monsters cult has been accused multiple times of being just another violent cult.
Each and every HAM member must wear a HAM robe as it is the uniform of the cult. The robe consists of a hood, a shirt, a robe, gloves, boots, and a cloak. These can be obtained by pickpocketing HAM members or by killing HAM guards. If players wear parts of the outfit, they have a less chance of being kicked out from the hideout. With each additional outfit piece, this chance drops further.

The HAM cult operates from caves that were once inhabited by monsters, claiming that they cleaned out these caves so monsters could no longer inhabit them. The headquarters of HAM, called HAM Hideout, is located in one of those caves underneath a ruined building between Lumbridge and Draynor. In order to enter the hideout, players must pick a lock on the trapdoor to gain access inside. Once inside, players will notice a lot of HAM guards patrolling the entire cave and guarding the members of the cult. If attempting to pickpocket the guards, they will rarely provide clues about the cult and will more easily discover the player. In case of a successful pickpocket, HAM guards can drop keys for various tier chests within the hideout that can be looted. Players can also pickpocket HAM members and will have a significantly higher success rate if they wear the full set of HAM robes.


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