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Understanding The Medical Coverage Of Your Travel Insurance

A journey is the most special part of travelling. There are so many fun and exciting things to do when one is travelling, and the adventures don’t stop there. The destination is worth all that you go through during the journey. Whether it’s a trip, a vacation, a visit or even work-related travel, the entire experience is rejuvenating and calming.

But amidst all the excitement, an unpleasant conversation of accounting for a health emergency during this journey often kills the mood. But as they say, prevention is better than cure, so it is always advisable to be safe and prepared financially if an untoward incident occurs. Therefore, travel insurance inclusive of travel medical insurance cover is another travel buddy that you need and is essential for you and the financial stability of your family.

The cost of treatment in other countries is excruciatingly high, and it is sure to put a dent in our travel budgets and finances in general. Therefore, a wise move would be to invest in travel insurance inclusive of medical insurance cover to protect yourself from financial drainage linked to medical expenses abroad.

Features Of Travel Medical Insurance

There are numerous instances where your health could suffer when you are travelling. You can face an injury, accident, illness or contract COVID 19 virus wherein you’ll require medical travel insurance coverage to save you from hefty medical bills. Health contingencies can arise unannounced, so it is advisable to have travel insurance inclusive of medical cover (with COVID 19) to reduce expenditure and help you out if you are stuck overseas.

To ensure a hassle-free travelling experience, look for these key features in travel insurance inclusive of medical insurance cover:

  1. Presence in a wide network of countries to ensure that if you’re travelling there, you are secured medically and financially.
  2. The policy allows cashless hospitalization in network hospitals abroad
  3. 24×7 assistance with insurance provider so that if there are any claim settlement requests and other doubts, you can reach out to them at all times
  4. Comprehensive coverage with a higher sum assured to enable you to make a claim even overseas
  5. Local assistance in a foreign land wherein you can contact your insurance provider and get comfortable even when outside the country. It can be scary to be all alone at the time of a medical emergency, but your insurance company has your back even there.

What Is Covered Under Travel Medical Insurance Cover?

Different insurance providers have different coverage plans for travel insurance inclusive medical travel insurance. Availing a comprehensive travel insurance is the best option as you would want to be covered for all types of health emergencies in a foreign place. Let’s take a close look at what all is covered under a travel medical insurance cover:

  1. Accident and Sickness Benefit– You are covered for any sickness including COVID 19, dental treatment, or injury incurred during the course of your trip that requires hospitalization, subject to policy terms and conditions
  2. Accidental Death– In the case of the untimely demise of the insured individual, the principal sum amount is restored and paid back as per the coverage of the policy
  3. COVID19 Coverage- Your hospitalization and other expenses are covered by the medical travel insurance cover if you contract coronavirus on your journey.

These are just some of the many benefits under travel insurance inclusive of travel medical insurance. Another wise decision would be to carefully read policy wordings so that you’re essentially covered for any health emergency while travelling. In addition, reliable insurance providers like TATA AIG are committed to providing comprehensive travel insurance plans with reasonable medical coverage so that you are safe and protected both health-wise and financially. They have a presence in over 190 countries. In addition, they offer the convenience of activating your policy instantly without any health checkups. So, head to their website today to explore their comprehensive travel insurance plans and secure your travel.


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